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    Question? Rainbow song

    I haven't got a copy to hand, but am pretty sure the words are in the new Rainbow handbook still.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    We're Guides. First meeting of the term tonight. They were the usual mixture of endearing and infuriating (and always noisy!) - don't think that changes regardless of the programme! We did 2 of the shorter UMA (Fabulous Friend name game and the team miming one from Express Myself) as part of...
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    Wellies and Wristbands - Foxlease

    Our Guides and Rangers were ridiculously excited when we met this week. And the prospect of carrying all our kit on the train concentrated our minds wonderfully about how much of our usual camp 'stuff' we actually need!
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I think how much 'programme' we're going to fit into our units depends so much on how frequently and for how long we meet? Our Guide unit meeting weekly for 2 hours is going to fit in a lot more than our Rangers who only meet fortnightly and with irregular attendance. (In fact I think the only...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    What we're thinking with our Guide unit at the moment is that we'll continue to have mixed-age patrols as 'permanent' groups using the UMAs (or their own ideas) in patrol time - the patrols are mostly at the stage where a one-off UMA is achievable in terms of them choosing, planning and running...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Yes it's only the official Unit Meeting Activities that count for the Theme Awards - although the programme isn't designed to take up 100% of unit meetings so they'll still be time for you to do other activities too - not everything has to count for a badge! (I can't find the source for this...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    There's a bit more information about Young Leaders in the changeover notes for Senior Section which are linked halfway down this page: changeover notes Uniform for Young Leaders who are not Rangers will be confirmed during the changeover year (ie in the next 12 months). Also says that girls...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I'm remembering the themes as 'BASKET': Be well have Adventures Skills for my future Know myself Express myself Take Action Do things from each theme to pack a whole basket-full of new experiences!
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    REN Forms

    You would have enough adults for ratios though anyway if you were out and about (eg in the park for the evening) as they're obligatory so you should have sufficient adults to deal with a situation - that's why the ratios exist! If out with Guides and Rangers for a short period during a unit...
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    REN Forms

    I'm wondering why the emergency contact actually needs the health/consent forms (for a local event anyway - I guess it might be different if you've gone to the Himalayas or something). I'm sure there must have been some incident somewhere which set this off but I can't think of a single...
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    REN Forms

    Has anyone seen that the home contact details now require 2 emergency contacts not at the same address for each participant? Is this new too or had I overlooked it before? Not all our families or leaders have extensive local support systems and if the 2 contacts can't be 2 x parents (both with...
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    What are you doing/done in your units this week? Part 4

    So inspired by the 'keeping up with the Flossies' thread I'm going to post about all our normal meetings so far this term - to keep the balance so we're not only reading about the things that go well! Week 1 - choosing ideas for the term (okay but nothing out of the ordinary); tried the...
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    Cultural changes

    15-20 or so years ago I can remember the most-heated discussions being over: a) Guides being allowed to wear jeans! b) how radical it felt to camp with any sort of tent other than the traditional ridge. Those debates seem a long time ago now. c) why Guide section numbers were falling so much -...
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    Question? Song: "And were you a Brownie..."

    I pretty sure it's on the 'songs through the century' CD (or called something like that!) which came out in 2010 if someone you know has a copy. I've mislaid mine or I'd offer to lend it to you... I've got it on a cassette tape as well somewhere which I could probably find if you're stuck...
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    Question? Who's going to Wellies and Wristbands 2015

    We're going to Wellies and all very excited. Not quite sure how our journey back will be though if the planned GWR strike goes ahead on Monday..... there's an alternative route our tickets are valid on so we won't be stranded but it involves lots of changes at large stations as opposed to the...