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  • I will be at summer camp in America from June till October, so if I don't reply quickly to messages or let you know that badges have arrived to me its because we have limited internet access and far too many other fun things to be doing!! But I will get back to you as soon as possible!

    I got your cheque through the post for some Caley Ducks Badges, we have now sold out of them so have been trying to scramble some together for you.

    I have managed to get 30 for you? Is this enough for me to send you, as you asked for 31 in 1 design and 1 in another design. Let me know if you would like the last 30 and I'll post them asap along with a cheque for a refund of 2 badges if not I'll return the cheque.

    Chazzy1990 (Charity)
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