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    New Programme Interest Badges

    An idea that we have been considering is to run a day as a division whereby one clause might be covered from a selection of badges, as a taster, then they are encouraged to finish the rest off at home. At the moment we're waiting to see if many do badges off their own back, I have had lots of...
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    Formal shirt

    I always have to go up at least 1 or sometimes 2 sizes with formal wear, but I didn't with the new short sleeve blouse.
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    Formal shirt

    The new style definitely fits better
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    What are you doing/done in your units this week? Part 4

    Our girls loved this - 2 groups of 12....just make sure the little ones go first and you allow plenty of detangling time!
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    New Anniversary badges

    It is difficult because you may know that a child joined in September, but GO only updates once a month....at best....I have had one stuck on 1.99 years for ages...gave up and awarded her 2 years because I know it's due, but have to keep my own record because it won't let me award the 2 year...
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    For sale (for Rainbow Guiders)

    Are you on Facebook? Maybe try the Guiding Buy, Sell or Swop group?
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    Safe Space Training

    Fine with face to face training. Fine with e-learning. Not fine with weird hybrid system.
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    6 year old visiting Brownies

    They don't need a parent, but you can ask them to stay if you want. Ratios are a guide in the meeting place.
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    6 year old visiting Brownies

    She can't join Brownies until she is 7. If she is 7 a couple of weeks after your next intake, I would invite her along with the other newbies, but no longer in advance than that.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Yes. It was manic but they loved it. I'm exhausted!!
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I've got paint, glue, sponges, tissue paper, little bit of corrogated card, off cuts from the boxes, lollypop sticks, coloured paper, toilet rolls, newspaper, a few bottle tops but not many. Couldn't get/didn't try to get fabric off cuts or carpet.....
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Has anyone done the Room in a Box UMA with the brownies? Starting to panic that I haven't got enough bits and bobs....
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    No, it's not. It's like so nearly there......but not quite.
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    New Interest Badges

    There are some Brownie badges that are attracting more interest - baking, performing, painting, inventing all clear front runners. Had a few interested in Grow Your Own, Dancing, Local History, Jobs, Languages, Aviation but yet to come to fruition. One who did Charities which surprised me. I...
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    Common Q&A about the new programme

    Unlikely to have been like this though, given all the timings end in 5 or 0. You'd have 1:05, or 3:40 or 6:15.