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    Weekly Discussion: A marker of taste?

    No, I don't think individual units should make things like Remembrance badges, but I have for the past 3 years (since we started) bought Badgefreaks poppy badges with the date on to give to our rainbows who turn up to our village act of remembrance (or in the village where they live or anywhere...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    It would have been more helpful for the SB cards to have had the info about group sizes, rather than saying divide into x no of groups and the info about sizes being elsewhere. We are doing Camp 1 with our Rainbows and had a game of deciding which 8 items from a list of 11 they should pack for a...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    New programme started last night with our Rainbows. I showed them the new badge book and explained that the round, circle badges were for them to do at home, and each badge just had three things to do. I then flicked through and said there are blue badges, pink badges (Oooooohhhhh!), pruple...
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    We pay £16.50, this is a session charge, we pay the same for 1.5 hrs as Guides do for 2hrs. Its still cheaper than other venues and we have absolutely no storage space or display boards. You need to compare with other local venues really as Fenris says.
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    Weekly Discussion: Is there a future for cloth badges

    I don't see many of ours wearing theirs, but noone has admitted so far to losing one!! I expect they take them off to wash and can't be bothered to put them on again, only to have take it off to wash again next week, and they are probably somewhere at home. The cloth promise badges had just been...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Couldn't you still do this activity with your girls going to guides anyway, as part of your 40% of your own thing? It sounds lovely (I'm a RL), perhaps get them the 'I was in Brownies' badge instead? I do agree though, it would be lovely to have something like PoG for other sections, something...
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    Weekly Discussion: Call me.....

    We use everyones first names, simple and easy. I also volunteer in the reception class at school, so I have my 'school name' there and have to remind them occasionally to use it, so glad they aren't calling me by some owl or flower or animal name there!!
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    Weekly Discussion: Does Go deserve a bad reputation?

    I don't dislike it, nor do I like it! I see it as a tool to keep the girls' info in one safe place. I also keep a passworded spreadsheet with basic info on as its so much easier to look at, rather than a 2 page log in and several clicks to get to the right place. I thought I'd add in that we are...
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    Don't do as I do, do as I say?

    Thank you, please don't be sorry, you've cheered me up no end. :) Thank you! Admin on the FB group are not allowing certain subjects now, so maybe it will stop! Go for it, let's prove them all wrong!
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    Don't do as I do, do as I say?

    As a rainbow leader and being in the facebook group, there does seem to be a lot of negativity, but it is mostly about how earth is the new programme going to fit in to 2 years or less, and there is a lot of focus on all girls getting the gold challenge, (or being able to if they want). I have...
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    Weekly Discussion: Thank you for the extra pair of hands....

    We have a parent rota and thank parents with a loud "thank you" from all the girls at the end of the session. When I write our termly review which I send to all parents I thank them again collectively. Occasionally a parent or friend has come in to run a session then we give them a box of...
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    Badgefreaks 2012 Christmas badge

    Sorry can't help, but if I may jump on your post I'd like a 13th birthday badge if anyone has one? Badgefreaks are out of stock and don't appear to be getting any more made.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    But that would mean your whole term is based on one theme and we should be mixing them, so UMAs from the themes that are not the SB theme work together in one term. We are continuing with challenge badges in our 40% of our own thing so our girls who are used to getting badges will still get...
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    Weekly Discussion: If you can't shift it.....

    Could you run an appropriate activity day, or 2 or 3 of the sessions in the 40% of your own thing time and give out these badges, is there enough? Or maybe a nearby unit could do this if numbers are suitable and buy them from you?
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    New Anniversary badges

    We take in our rainbows at the start of each term, so anniversaries will occur roughly at the start of a term (easter moving excepted, but probably close enough!) so for the few who joined last September, I will give their one year at the start of term and introduce the new programme as...