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  • another year gone bye Happy Birthday dont get too drunk (as if)
    Hi chandra
    As promised I have spoken to a very nice lady called Nikky who has asked if you would be willing to contact her
    yourself on xxx and she will have more of an idea of what your sister in law needs and how her
    needs could be met.
    Nikky has a lot of contacts and I feel that she really is your best bet.
    please let me know how you get on and i wish you the best of luck

    Would tie in with Friends to animals just fine. You can use me to tick off a section or I can be the tester, whatever is best for you. Let me know what dates you have free and I will see what I can do. Where are you?
    We have a discussion about looking after cats which takes about 20-30mins. Everyone gets a goody bag which has a mask in it so I usually ask the kids to decorate them and maybe make a poster telling people what cats need to live a happy life and then games and activities for as much time as you want to give me. I can tailor it to whatever age group so for guides it might be more looking at the welfare issues, what we do as a charity and the different roles involved in animal work. For rainbows it would be simple things that they can do to help look after the cats they know. We do offer tours of the centre too but it is a fair way to travel. I can't bring any real cats with me but I do have a toy cat that purrs and miaows that comes with me when visit the younger kids.
    Let me know if this sounds any good or if you have any suggestions.
    Hi Just wanted to let you know that I work at Cats Protection in Bridgend but live in Newport. We are trying to expand our education programme so I am offering to visits units to talk about animal care and run themed games and activities. Please let me know if any of your units might be interested in this. Ta x
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