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  • i'm fine thanks
    and yourself!

    not anything exciting - apart from my holiday back in October
    just getting ready for christmas!
    Thanks for that - I'm still a bit hopeless at this forum/messaging lark! When I was young (feels like 100's of years ago) windows etc had only just taken off (around 1980's) & I was a computer programmer - since then I've lost touch with technology a bit!!! But determined to get back into 'modern communications' - at least my unit & my family get a good laugh out of my mistakes
    Wow, I thought I'd found out something about the other Guiders in the Anglia region & I love the customised page. One day (if I ever manage to spend enough time on my beloved computer) I'll learn how to do that & surprise myself. Thanks for the inspiration
    well you should try to make some then - although i'm in a similar situation to you - i don't seem to have very many friends in the real world - maybe that's cos i'm a mummy and have to stay home once my little one goes to bed.
    recovering from a weekend of entertaining my parents.
    we went to history in action yesterday an english heritage event and today braved taking them to see our woodland, mum kept complaining her legs were too short to jump over ditches or climb over trees etc. as you can guess from that it still needs a bit of work!
    I like the new picture, I suddendly noticed that the necker had vanished. is it summer dress with the flower in the hair? will it change for winter?
    Yeah, that's boring, well, GIC is normally BO, then the others can be any kind of owl, Hawk Owl, Snowy Owl, Eagle Owl, Little Owl, Pygmy Owl, Long Eared Owl, or make them up - Fluffy Owl, Funky Owl, Wise Owl, Cool Owl, Old Owl, Young Owl etc etc etc!!!
    Lucy, I am shocked and appalled that you hadn't added me as a friend by now!!!!!!!!!!!! I might reject you on the basis that you left it sooooooooooo late to add me as a friend!!!!!!
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