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    ClipnClimb Cambridge

    i know we are at the end of march but did you find anyone?
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    7+ Rainbows

    I can understand how the mum feels and others saying she can stay in rainbows for all long as she needs as a young member. something you could do is that she gets brownie unit form, does brownie badges but alongside the rainbows and doing rainbow things. when she comes to brownie events she will...
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    New Guiding Magazine

    Yes i do like it as well, it also feels good quality, not read it all yet but the big bonus is that its got ellie on the front, nice to see another Paralympian on the front! shows leaders with disabilities also enjoy guiding.
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    shop in Tokyo?

    hi i was wondering if anyone could help me. has anyone gone to tokyo in japan and seen a guiding headquarters or shop? any information would be helpful to get there if there was. many thanks
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    who's going to Wellies and wristbands

    hi sorry i forgot, i will be going to the one down south in foxlese
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    who's going to Wellies and wristbands

    hi i am a volunteer on the stage team at the camp, i was wondering if anyone else is going and know a little more about the camp or who will be playing at the camp! cheers oh i will be wearing my necker so come a say hi as i am visually impaired!
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    Is anyone going to festival camp 2013 in Edinburgh?

    hey it was great to meet you! i will send you a pm today!
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    Is anyone going to festival camp 2013 in Edinburgh?

    i will be there with my guiders necker! we are heading up north on saturday morning by train! very exciting! another way of finding me is im the one with a white cane! come and say hi!
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    braille swaps help

    well i have durable braille stuff just trying to think of something creative other than keyrings really!
  10. djlucy

    braille swaps help

    i should of said that i was going to a guide and ss event and do you think the girls would like this?
  11. djlucy

    braille swaps help

    hi all as some of you might know, i am visually impaired and quickly going blind. i am going on a trip this summer with my mums guides and want to make some kind of swaps. i have just cracked the braille code and would like to make some kind of braille swap. anyone got any ideas what i could...
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    I'm a Guider ........part 43

    i am a guider is cold!
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    I'm a Guider........... part 42!

    I am a guider has just been told I could go blind in 10 to 15 years! Cant be bothered to do then hanging around! I can't see much now
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    Annual Subscription 2013

    Moving away to study, sorry I was reading it back didn't make sense
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    Annual Subscription 2013

    Well i think your all very lucky to have it so low! Last year mine was £30. I don't want to know how much it will be this year and thankfully I am moving away to a lower census well hopefully