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    New Programme - Discuss!

    That's a really good idea. I might suggest that to my District/Division.
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    New Anniversary badges

    That's what I'm planning too. With the cost of all the new resources I think it's the fairest and most economical way for us.
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    Joining fee?

    I'm also considering putting subs up by £5 just for this term (not for new ones if we do charge a joining fee) to contribute towards the cost of a badge book for every girl. I think that's a reasonable ask.
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    Joining fee?

    I agree that Brownies is very reasonable, especially compared to some activities. I do however think the Brownie uniform is very expensive when bought new, and what we can offer second hand will rarely kit out a girl completely, so I still think it can be a lot to ask for some families. I'm...
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    Joining fee?

    Yes, we do already claim Gift Aid and have always used it to buy equipment for the unit or to fund a trip of the girls' choice, but this year a lot of it will be going on buying the new resources. Definitely worth claiming, it brings in a very helpful chunk of money. Good luck getting it set up :)
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    Joining fee?

    We only supplied the Becoming a Brownie book as a unit, which was pretty affordable and easily absorbed into our running costs. Girls and parents would choose if they wanted to buy their own copies of the badge book and as the old badge details were online a lot of families chose not to...
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    Joining fee?

    Do you charge a joining fee, and if so how much is it, what does it cover and how much are your termly subs? We've never charged a joining fee but I'm thinking we might have to start in order to cover the cost of the new Brownie badge book and handbook. My concern is that our subs are already...
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    Weekly Discussion: To necker or not to necker?

    That's exactly what we do. Ours are pretty unusual colours and have our unit name around the Brownie trefoil, so they're pretty distinctive! We also found out that they glow under UV light at the disco at Butlins for Funtastic - added bonus and we got so many compliments on them! I think wearing...
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    sussex west residential halls

    Thanks very much for sharing that, very useful and opened fine for me! I've been looking for something like that.
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    sussex west residential halls

    We stayed at Bluewoods last month, it was great although a bit of a squeeze for 20 Brownies on camp beds! Lots of lovely things to do nearby (park/Nature Centre/indoor climbing) and the fenced off woodland area/campsite is fab. Funnily enough batty bird we looked at using Faurefold but that was...
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    REN Forms

    I have so many concerns about this. I think it's going to be massively off-putting for a lot of people. We're already giving up our own free/holiday/family time to take girls on residentials, there's already hours of planning, paperwork and preparation required, who needs the extra headache...
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    Outing ideas?

    Our Ranger unit is, sadly, closing at the end of this term and we want to do something special with the girls as a final outing. We've asked the girls what they want to do and they just haven't come up with anything. We can spend around £20 per person and it needs to be roughly in the Surrey or...
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    Helping quiet girls make friends?

    Just wondered if anyone could offer any helpful advice for encouraging very quiet girls to make friends at Brownies? Almost all of our girls go to the same school, so they have at least one (and often several) established friends at Brownies, although they're rarely in a Six with them. We have...
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    Question? Larger Brownie units - how do you manage?

    Thank you so much for all the replies; loads of practical help and even more food for thought! The idea of running two meetings consecutively is a good one but wouldn't work for us as Cubs come in straight after us and we start at 4.45, so before would be too tight with school time. I have...
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    Question? Larger Brownie units - how do you manage?

    Thanks JJJJ1980 and fenris, very good advice. I think limiting the number of activities a bit will be crucial. I've always tried to pack lots into meetings but that's just not going to work while we have this number of girls and so many of them are 7 or 8. And yes, fenris, I can see how the...