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    Really hoping I sell some more challenge badges over 950 left!!

    Really hoping I sell some more challenge badges over 950 left!!
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    Resource London Taxi Challenge

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    Wanted - Brownies for WTD19 swap

    I currently have 20 girls, I normally send out Thinking Day Cards from the whole unit. If you would like one inbox me unit name and postal address and we will add you to our list x
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    London Taxi Challenge 2018-08-11

    This challenge is based on the history of the iconic black taxi, with many activities to get your unit out and about in the city. The Challenge itself covers many topics from map reading to horse riding, from designing new taxis to empowering woman to have the same rights in work as men. Can be...
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    Resource London Taxi Challenge

    footscraybrownowl submitted a new resource: London Taxi Challenge - London Taxi Challenge Badge - Fun for all ages! Read more about this resource...
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    London Black Taxi Challenge

    Here is our challenge badge, over 900 in stock, please message for copy of the syllabus, not just about London or Taxis it covers a wide variety of activity's fun for all ages!