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    Weekly Discussion: Sorry babe can't do tonight now xx

    We've had a key adult (AL, responsible for one section) just not turn up, and also turn up but expect the other leaders to be running her section in addition to their own (oh what have you got planned for us tonight - er nothing as that's not our section, it's yours?). Two of the occasions...
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    Weekly Discussion: A marker of taste?

    I'm OK with that too, one parent said "you seem so organised", "not really!" was my reply "ah it's all like a swan - serene on the surface and frantically paddling underneath!".
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    Weekly Discussion: Does Go deserve a bad reputation?

    Why do you need to know when a child started an interest badge??!
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    Weekly Discussion: A marker of taste?

    When we had the Jubilee badge I made them do a home-made challenge to get it. Mean Guider.
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    Weekly Discussion: A marker of taste?

    Totally agree and the same for things for other charities - even (dare I say it) people fundraising, using badges, to go on an expedition for a charity.
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    Weekly Discussion: A marker of taste?

    I'm not keen on "princess" or "fairy" badges TBH, or indeed anything that leaders say "is just what the girls want" - remember we've been moved away from sweet everything by the new programme but there will of course still be badges (though I'm talking challenge badges there). And badges for...
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    Brownie introduction activities

    We have some standard getting-to-know-you games that we use fairly often especially with new girls: Step forward if... (or come and get a drink/run round the chair/hop three times if...) you have a brother/sister/pet/go to X school/are in X year. Ball throwing to someone else in the group only...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    What do we do if we have just one Rainbow aged 5 and the others are all nearly 7 and will have already started level 2 SBs before the 5 year old joins, then? That will be our situation later in the year. I bet that's pretty common (small unit, lots of girls one age and 1 or 2 another age. Or all...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I'm definitely not buying badges till nearly the end of term...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    So, what are you all going to do for a girl that misses a SB? We can easily have a catch up UMA meeting but many of the SBs are very hard to do with one or two girls and also if we have two girls who've been to every meeting, two that missed one different meeting each, and two that missed the...
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    Surely they have a loo and sink? Though not enough for filling large buckets I suppose?
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    Adding Skill Builders to GO

    You do kind of wonder who they asked, don't you?
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    Compare and contrast...

    The cynic in me would say they will soon learn if either they are getting no enquiries (because Join Us says they are full) or they are getting loads they can't cope with (because it doesn't).
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    Don't do as I do, do as I say?

    I have just made a term plan and, because I don't yet know whether all the UMAs and SBs will take the time they actually say, I'm having to allocate 1 SB, or 45-60 mins worth of UMAs, to more or less every meeting apart from 3 this term. Almost none of them will then take the whole meeting and I...
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    I agree with Fenris but tend to find that the rent is not really dependent on the facilities offered - some local units have great facilities but low rent and some the other way round (or they have been offered halls like that - for example I ran a unit that met in a school and rent was higher...