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  • Sorry I have been away for the weekend (and actually on holiday!) I will clear my inbox!
    Hello [=
    Got your postcard and branch out badge through in the post today. Thanks very much!
    Will let you know when I get my badges through (ordered them last week) and will send asap!
    Niki x
    Hello girlyguider, how are you? Think I need some help getting used to this messaging thing! See you at District mtg on monday :-)
    I am almost ready just got to pack. I have found a packet of mixed mint tea bags so I thought I would bring those along. See you Friday.
    im camping with a unit so the food'll be nice I hope!!
    ill deffo come and say hello though!!!
    well i'll be the one looking hungry, tired and with a camera round her neck!!
    i'll come and introduce myself (if I dont come and sayy hi to me!!)
    Hiya :) You said you're on jungles for Poacher, well im the rep from the media team for your subcamp!!
    if your guides want any pics/ stories in the paper make sure they write something! i'll be picking them all up at the meetings!!

    i may come and say hi to you!!
    see you there
    hello you! at least i think its you....unless Hucknall North has some other guides going to Poacher I don't know about!
    wow polly really did do a good job last weekend that's at least 2 new members here from the camp!

    Glad you managed to find your way onto the site. It was a good weekend even though we did not see much of you.
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