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  • Hi Ice, I have a badge for you but can't send you a PM as your inbox is full! Bryony
    Hi Ice,

    Great to hear from you and thank you so much for remembering. It is 1st Hurstpierpoint. Ideally I would like two, one for my sister as well. I still haven't managed to get any of the centenary badges either, although they may well not have any of these left now, but if you could get hold of two of those as well, that would be fantastic and I would be enternally in you debt.

    Best wishes,
    Andrea x

    i know that you want to have centenary badge - but sorry i cant find one anywhere, we must have used them all!
    also thanks for all the help you gave me!
    Just to let you knwo that I have an Aus Centenary badge come free now as someone i was swapping with already has it so let me know if you swill want it:)
    Hi Alice,
    Yes, you would have met me 2 years ago. Yep, my hubbie does 1st aid training. However, he needs to redo his qual, as it ran out in the summer. The training he was due to go on got cancelled, which was just as well as I got rushed into hospital with appendicitus that weekend.
    I'm going to join Scogui this year, and will prob stay late at uni on tues, so that I can go to the meetings before going home. Don't have little boy at nursery this year.
    Will look out for you on 5th.
    Don't feel bad, it's fine, I know you've been away from here for a bit. Systems engineering sounds high flying. I did health and social welfare. I read someone has become Charnwood Division Commissioner in the bulletin last week, have they reorganised over there? I thought it was just Loughborough Division.
    Hi Ice,
    I'll look out for you. By the way, what's your real name? Mine's Emma.
    I did join in the first year, but cos I live in Nottm, and my youngest was at the campus nursery, I had to take him home, and then never got round to driving back again. Hopefully, this year as mum has retired I might stay and come to meetings before going home.
    I'll see you at Fresher's fair, probably with hubbie in tow (he's a scouter, so always comes and talks to you lot)
    Hi Ice, Just read that you're at Lboro uni, unless you've just finished. What are you studying? I'm doing maths and hopefully if I pass my resits will be gong into my final year.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Hi Ice, thanks for becoming my first friend. I'm a happy Guider now! Which unit are you at? What are you studying at uni?
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