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  • Hello Sister Colin! I'd forgotten we renamed you that until I came across something on facebook just now! I just can't remember why though - all I know was it was during the 4 topic writing weekend! How are things with you? x x x
    It's very pink in here!
    I'm bored so I've been going through my conversations with people. It's scary how old some of the comments are! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk.
    hey! :)

    Hope you're well.. i know you're off to G2G atm but i've sent you a couple of pms.. let me know if you got them!

    Hiya hun!
    hows thingsss?
    I'm just looking for some activites for my brownies haha! I've only just got your message thing (I really don't understand how this website works though!)
    hope all is well
    That's great....I've registered...I'll sit down tonight, and see what I've got to do...must housework now boohoo....might burn a few calories lol

    I'm sariee on there
    Oh no.....I'm too fat for that!!! seriously I'll have a look, I do need to lose some weight, feel like a right fat cow....size 18....used to be a 10..some ( many) years ago....I'll check it out! Ta honey x x
    thanks, can get from newquay to leeds on thurs for £15 but struggling to get down. think i am just gonna have meds and drive
    Hey chickadee,
    It's me that's bidded for your badge on ebay (the badge as a present) and I'd thought I'd let you know that if it's easier, don't worry about sending it for a while. I know the post is manic, along with actually trying to get there atm!
    It can wait until the new year. :)
    Thanks....feeling very sorry for myself, which is a deeply unpleasant thing to do....I WILL be better soon..christmas is coming, and I've things to do.....enjoy going home...x x
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