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  • Hi Ker-stee,
    we're 1st papplewick and linby guides, but i've only got two guides so we're in with 2nd hucknall another local unit....its my first poacher and i'm getting quite excited! hope we've got some stories for you!
    Hellooooooooooo m'dear! how are you?
    I was one of sarah's rangers! But she moved down to Cambridge last September :( She didn't love us anymore (or more that she loved Paul and moved to Cam with him...)
    How do you know her then? Noticed you lived up Yorkshire way, so you one of her SS or something?
    that looks really fun!
    have you done it before?
    I've emailed my leader to ask about entering a team in november
    glad i've found another explorer!
    you doing anything exciting with your explorers at the moment?
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