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  • if you do make the challenge I would cheekily ask for you to send it to me as we did one Pack holiday on that theme but the folder was given to
    a tester as it was the guiders first holiday and it then went walkies and we haven't been able to find it . we played Quidditch we made wands frog sweets
    the sorting hat talked to the girls told them if they fidgeted or if they didn't listen and we don't think we can repeat i
    Hi, haven't forgotten about your badge. I am hoping to put in an order for some more standards soon, so will add the badge to that for you and let you know when it arrives. If I get to the depot before then, I'll get it from there.
    Hi kiwi i have your order ready, i just can't seem to find payment on paypal
    can you message me to tell me what your paypal addy is so i can do a prper search
    thank you
    Hey hey, sorry sorry sorry, your order is waiting for postage, been run off my feet, new job and dissertation to write, will be sorted out by sunday for you :) sorry
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