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Little Pixie Owl
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  • Hi!
    Just tried to send you a PM witgh my address for badge swapping! Could not send it as your inbox is full! Will try again later! Just thought I'l let you know!
    Just in case you don't see my message on the thread, if you're still looking for someone to share with at Knotts then I'll happily join you.
    oh - the garden party is for over 18's..... how old are u then?

    my daughter is also a ranger, but she is 14. she goes to quinton rangers
    We are 43rd birmingham.

    I have 15 of us going to party in the park, are u camping there? We are just going for the monday, as i dont have a camp licence.

    Are u going to the garden party at himley hall too?
    where about in brum are u?
    i'm in south brum, in bartley green/kitwell
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