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  • Thank you for the tea towels which I received yesterday - they are great - going to give one to my Div.Comm at tonights meeting.
    I noticed you on ebay and posting links!!!!

    sounds like its two of us that are on ebay too much! lol

    ps> do you go on the gguk activity forum much these days? I'ved noticed very few new posts (I check about once a week still...)
    haven't been on ebay for 2 days... been getting withdrawal symptoms! (like seeing old guiding stuff and the centenary badges around the uk)
    Its a dinosaur puppet at the Natural History Museum, eating Brownie Bear (our Pack mascot)...!!
    That's what happens when you let two 20-something year old Guiders (who have known eachother far too long!) loose in London with a bear and a camera...! :D
    Thanks! It's dead simple to put together. Btik do it all for you so there's no fiddly bits!! Lol! Good luck with the website!
    Yeah course you can! We found them on other websites so it's only fair to share them on!! They're cute aren't they!!
    I got a rather mangled letter and cheque on Saturday in one of those royal mail 'sorry our sorting machine ate your mail' envelopes! I have now taped the cheque back together and seem to have all of it but I haven't managed to work out your address or how many badged you'd ordered - was it 13? If you PM me your address I'll get the badges out to you. Hopefully the bank will accept the cheque but any problems and I'll get back in touch. Sorry about this!
    Hi I have about 20 left at the moment so can put some aside if you want? Still waiting for the company to get back to me about ordering more.
    you made a discussion about God very personal and belittled me for nothing, this has upset me and in true guiding spirit I will let it go over my head, but please, please do not think any less of me for asking you to think first before you write i will not be reading about the God thread again as I do not feel we will not get anywhere with it, and everyone deserves a say regardless of their thoughts, and religion, I hope you have a good day, thank you, Christine
    Hi still got some badges left but not a huge number. Am going to call the company I got them from about getting some more so will let you know how I get on with that. Thanks for the interest.
    Hiya! I can't remember where we found the weemees but if you want I can email them over to you in the morning?
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