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  • Hi, the beating the bounds one please, I already have the KE one.
    No, no spaces left for G2G6, although I am at the top of the reserve list so we'll see!
    Hi Liz,

    Is going well so far, starting to get into the swing of things and have a recruited 4 new girls this term. Slightly dismayed at the large amount of preparation and paperwork (is definitely not just a commitment for an hour and a half each week!) but slowly getting to grips with it all. How is uni going?
    sorry for waking you up. Can you pls send me a PM with your uni address - my badges arrived today!!!
    I have a stinky stinky cold :( and way too much work to do before pack hol and a million jobs. Feel like death wrapped up.
    Nope, well, yes actually but had a meeting that finished early, so in the common room planning rangers for tomorrow!
    has that thread gone that you messaged me about as i cant find it there or where we move them too
    Hey there! So, you should be in Pompey by now I asssume! Welcome! I'm a SS & Guide Guider in Pompey. If you still interested in Guiding here, see SSAGO at the freshers fair. They should know me - Lisa Davy certainly does! Also happy for you to link up with us as the only Ranger unit currently in Pompey. Have a look on FB for Portsmouth North Rangers - we have a page! Golly -x-

    ps, I'm Pompey Ranger's Ranger Guider!!
    I'm really enjoying it but can't get my Itnernet working in the flat so am having to wipe my computer then start again! Other than that it is great already made some good friends!

    How are you getting on?
    Media Production
    at Teesside, Sunderland and De Montfort!

    Got all my offers... its so exciting!
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