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  • Hi...I noticed from some older posts that you did your dissertation on the History of Guiding, im currently studying for a Masters in Public History and want to do one of my many projects on the role of Guides during wartime. Do you know of any good resources I could use? Did you get any help from HQ? I'd love to have a read of your dissertation (as a fellow historian and guider!)

    hi lucie, it's sari...really hope I haven't upset you, I meant folks on the telly talking, and the nonstop media coverage, not us, we can chat all we like! It was a case of engaging mouth before brain!!
    regards sari x x x
    I'm just wondering how you are going with Indiana. I finished with 100% last week. :) was really good. :) only 1 box gave me major trouble which was in raiders, the one wiht the turning cylinders that you have to jump across...murder! eeek! hehee!
    How are you? enjoying the summer?
    I have to say that lego indiana is quite addictive! lol! I'm in to the 90%+ completion stage but am stuck on getting one chest... grrr! lol! done all the post and all the true adventurer!
    Don't forget to turn on the extras once you have bought them from the post room at the college! heehe! (or the characters....took me ages to work out why I couldn't do half the puzzle...)
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