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    Question? Any unit interested in a Postcard Exchange for Thinking Day ?

    Thank you to the units that exchanged with Boldon Brownies and Guides. The members were thrilled with them. I've included a picture of our display with all the fantastic artwork and information we received.
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    Guide Badges & Go For It Cards For Sale - Old & New Style

    Hi, I have a selection of interest badges, patrol emblems and go for it cards available from our Guide badge store. All funds raised will go straight back into Guide funds. All items are new and damage free from a smoke free & pet free home. All badges are 50p each plus p&p. All unopened...
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    Postcard Exchange Badge - Postcard Exchange Badge

    After discussing our upcoming postcard exchange some of our Leaders and unit members mentioned they would have liked to send some badges to the units we exchange postcards with. Like many other unit we are not in a position to afford to buy the badges for everyone so we have come up with the...
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    I agree with Sandra... At a recent weekend long residential holiday we had 3 adults to 11 Guides. It's nice to have the extra leaders as it means should anything unexpected arise you have the additional support available or even if the leaders duties were on a rotation so the leaders have...
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    belles big film trip

    Lol, sorry i meant the trailers look great for this one, they seem to have honoured the story-line of the original animated version.
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    belles big film trip

    I've booked up for our Guides in North Tyneside...So excited. It's strange to think some may not have ever seen it before, they won't have even been born...Bet they'll love it!
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    Question? Celebration Ideas - Please Help

    Aw wow that sounds absolutely fantastic, will definitely look into having a commemorative badge based on a competition now. Thanks for the ideas! Sent from my E2303 using Tapatalk
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    Ever been a Boldon Guide?

    Hi, This may be a long-shot but with the wonders of the internet, it's worth a go... I'm hoping to pull together any stories or photos that anyone may wish to share if they have ever been a Girl Guide in Boldon (South Tyneside). Our unit turns 65 this year and it would be great to share these...
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    Question? Celebration Ideas - Please Help

    Thanks Sandra...that would be a great idea. Sent from my E2303 using Tapatalk
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    Question? Celebration Ideas - Please Help

    Hi, Our unit celebrates its 65th year this year and funnily enough this ties in with the Queens Sapphire Jubilee (65 years reign). If anyone could think of any ideas a unit may use to celebrate this we'd live to hear them. Similarly if anyone has details how they celebrate their unit...
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    Friendship bracelet ideas please!

    We threaded perler beads (well cheap equivalent to be honest) onto string and then knotted it, the more crafty ones could have multiple threads to bead and alternate which ones they bead. Sent from my E2303 using Tapatalk
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    Question? Any unit interested in a Postcard Exchange for Thinking Day ?

    Hi, I have a Guide and Brownie unit in North East England and would love to join if possible. Thanks Sent from my E2303 using Tapatalk
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm a Guider about to get rained on carrying Brownie supplies in to our meeting as I can't get parked! Sent from my E2303 using Tapatalk
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    Artist Badge

    We played a similar game in Brownies. Everyone sits in a horse-shoe shape on chairs or similar. All Brownies are given a primary colour. I tend to find you will need to quiz the Brownies a couple of times, for example "Stand up if you are yellow", "Pat your head if you are red" etc. Something...
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    Resource Peg Games

    Hi, Thanks so much for these great ideas, it's amazing that a pack of pegs for less than £1 entertained a unit of Guides for an entire night!. Whist we hadn't planned a full games night, sometimes you just have to go with the flow, the Guides pleaded for more peg games. Another couple of games...