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  • How is uni doing?

    has it settled down now that you are a month or so into uni, or is it as manic as ever?

    best of luck with your studies
    any chance we could have an update on badge arrival as ordered for another unit as well as my own and they are asking as already done the craft for the badge plus some local fundfraising cheers
    PM box is full again (may be your in box full or your sent box is full?) Have sent you an email as people are wondering when the pakistan badges will be available

    please keep everyone updated with what is happening so that they can keep their own girls that have ordered these badges updated
    Hey norma. Quite a lot of people are wondering about when we're going to get matched up with people for the centenary finale present swap, and when the deadline is - stuff like that. If you're having trouble organising it, or haven't got enough time to sort it out, I'm happy to help. Hope everything's ok. Emma
    Norma - people are PMing me re pakistan badges because your IN BOX is full. PLEASE can you clear your in box so that I can forward to you their messages :)

    have you heard update from Richard yet?

    i am really sorry, i have only just sent a cheque for badge- message got lost in my inbox - that will teach me to ensure inbox is kept neat and tidy!!

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