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    11-year-old Brownies

    Our local Guides prefers to wait until they are starting Y6 at school too. If we are going to lose a girl for logistical reasons they can go up earlier, but as a rule we lose a big tranche every summer. On the plus side, as we run at maximum numbers, we can't always take girls as they hit 7, so...
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    BBQ ideas

    camp pizza made with veg/p[recooked meats, grated cheese folded into a parcel in a tortilla wrap, then foil, cook well on bbq.
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    Skirts and dresses - what happened?

    Camp dresses were practical because they were teamed with big pants. You can't climb a climbing wall in a dress with tiny primark knickers on and maintain your dignity. As someone who had big pants for PE and guides (though was too young for the camp dresses) I remember being mortified by the...
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    Golden Hinde? Has anyone done a sleepover?

    It was £40 each incl adults. The food was 'Tudor(ish)' in the evening: (delicious) root vegetable stew and bread. Continental in the morning when we weren't in character (fruit, bread, cheese, hot choc). Tips: Wrap up warmly to sleep. Take roll mats/small inflatables. Girls with food allergies...
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    Guiding/Scouting Campsites near the Sea

    Nellie Doubleday campsite/seagull house in South Lincs: just over 2.5 hours from you by road. Are you set on the beach? Isn't Tuptonia quartered in Warwickshire? You could sail away in batches!
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    A gift for the community

    We sing Carols at the local care home. We make up tubs of winter bedding with a small spruce in for outside the village hall doors. We clean and polish the church in advance of the Remembrance parade and then attend it.
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    Golden Hinde? Has anyone done a sleepover?

    I'm back to update as 2.5 years after my original thread, we did go to The Golden Hinde for an Overnight Living History Sleepover. It was fantastic and I'd recommend it wholeheartedly. The girls were dressed up and split into three groups, each group had workshops with The Master (on Officers)...
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    Joint Camps (and the competition between Scouts and Guides)

    I would just like people to stop comparing. We are not equivalent organisations. 'There were Guides on our field who didn't know how to put up their tents!'. 'Cubs do more interesting activities than Brownies' etc etc. If people would rather their daughter's join scouting then so be it. I just...
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    Question? Best Thank Yous...?

    This year I received a 'Thank you Brown Owl' enamelled camping mug that was personalised with pictures of the two girls when they were new, and as they let for guides as well as photos of some of the activities they had done and badges they had earned. It was from a family just as their second...
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    Weekly Discussion VIII: Should we have paid figures at local level?

    It depends what you mean by local. Like Hilary above (different county and even region), we have paid admin at County level (thank goodness) but beyond that we are all volunteers. Frankly I think they need more at county level and not just term time, but the units/commissioners being volunteers...
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    Discussion VIII.2 Who is your unsung Guiding Heroine?

    Our local Guide leader is my hero: she is the only Guide Guider in our rural division, taking Guides from a 20 mile radius, and, like me, carries on even when it stops being fun, knowing that things will come good as they circle round. Currently she's running a unit of 40-odd girls on her own...
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    Information: A Safe Space

    The online training is good: some things are obvious, some not so much to someone in a division where such things are not particularly overt. I found it really useful and educational. As a trained guider I won't have access to face to face training for a while until the new leaders and older...
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    Guiding Districts

    We are a small division that used to comprise 2 rural districts. Some years ago the districts were dissolved but because we are so small(units-wise not geographically) we still work well as an overall unit. I don't think that the name (division or district) matters: it is how the team works that...
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    Discussion IV: Parents and Unit Functioning

    I set up a 'secret' facebook group for the brownie parents to update on things and several of them use it to make suggestions. Some doable, some not so much.... but generally I don't ask, we end up with except where something has a low turn out and I have in the past asked for everyone's...
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    Brownies activity taster pack

    I like the fact that they have taken on board that cutting out some of the planning and providing everything in one place (on one card) will save volunteer time and effort, but the topics provided in the taster Brownie pack are very light. It's hard for girls to do their best if they aren't...