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  • Hi there, I have just seen your Adventure Out certificate, it's great. can I be cheeky and ask if you have a Rainbow version you wouldn't mind sharing. we've just finished ours and the girls are due to get badges next week before Easter hols. Thank you D :)
    Hi. Many thanks for the info. It is a bit far, but it looks great. I can't seem to find anything that does multi activities on the same site, that is not really expensive in our area. Have to keep looking and maybe think about Ackers Adventure for a camp locally. Many thanks again. partygirl.
    Hi Partygirl, it was Ackers Adventure - google them and they have a website, not a very good one but the place is better than the website! It's Birmingham though so may be too far.
    Hi Penguinjen. I was reading some of the back posts and came across one where you said you went abseiling, climbing, archery and tobogganing. Can you tell me where you went? I can't seem to find anywhere that does all that. Many Thanks. Partygirl.
    I got mine from our depot, but if you are ordering something else from the website, put a note in the box on the order form asking for them and they will add them to your order.
    where can you get brownie adventure badges from as i went on official site and couldn't find them ??
    Vickey, I still have the music ones if you want them, 28 of them anyway. They do look like junior girl scout ones, you're right, but they're not, they are just small ones from design-it.com (they won't ship to the UK though, I had them sent to my brother when he was living in Philadelphia a while back).

    Let me know if you want the music ones, sounds like a nice idea!

    hello! ?Just saw the badges on your blog. Have the music ones gone? I am doing the music scheme on the giant sleepover so these might be a nice thankyou for the girls.
    Where did you get the round ones from? they look a bit like junior girl scout ones.
    hope you are ok
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