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  • Hi Penny, Just a wee note to give you my mobile number for G2G5 in case you need to contact us.

    Sly's phone - 07733 103921

    See you next week.

    Hi there
    I have just opened up a discussion forum for G2G6 the welsh one!!
    I hope you can come!!
    your booklet should be in your inbox now :) ooh...just a thought, do you have the newest version of microsoft? if not you might have some trouble opening it...i will convert it if you do, just let me know x
    Im gonna be theree! No idea what Im doing but Ill be camping over night!! Gonna see if I have monies to order a guiders necker nearer the time =]

    Im helping both days :)
    I dont know Ive ive mentioned this before as I get overly excited by anyone MXE - but Im MXE toooooo!!

    Are you going to the launch in september
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