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  • Hi - that isnt a problem! You can give me you email address.
    Hope studying doesnt take over christmas day for you
    I can believe that, I am taking 4 depsite putting down a deposit for 12 and Sandy has lost money as well. It's a shame they are missing out.
    Oooh, that'd be lovely :)
    It's the article about the In4mer Advanced Training, and apparently there's a bit of a quote from me in it.
    Thank you so much!
    Jess x
    hehe yeah im getting really addicted to badges, looking forward to receiving the first batch i've ordered and waiting for payment for another couple of orders that im going to send out to share on postage, so yeah its going well, i can see me getting into this! I am just wanting to make the most of every opportunity with all my badge buying and getting badges & awards in the ss etc :)
    ill take a look at the thread now :) although i have promised i wouldn't buy anymore for a couple of months but it doesn't look like thats going to happen! :p x
    Will look out for you tomorrow with the Sandy (if i can get her to leave our bit)
    Yes I am, we're doing activities from teh past I think (I suspect there will be licquorice knotting going on) But I'm there both days with Brownies and then Guides. It's exciting. I'm hoping to stay over in the earth house, must ring and check that's OK actually. What about you? xxx
    £5.50. pm me or email me at my neckies address (hilzo42@guiderplus.com) and I'll send you the details!
    Hey DC! Told GiC and AG about how youre local! They love the idea of a joint event and would like to know more about the sleepover spaces:)

    Which email adress should I pass on to them:)
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