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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Actually, I did it at work through the sheet feeder, a couple a day at lunchtime. Didn't take that long..
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    The question is do you need to buy all the SB now ? Could you buy two or three now,two or three in the spring etc ? Printing from downloads will cost just as much in ink and printing as buying the cards. You could work with another unit and share the resources between you until you each have...
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    Question? Non-plastic poppies

    Just seen online that Sainsburys are accepting poppies back for recycling. The plastic bits will be used again and the paper recycled.
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    UMAs in Guiding Magazine

    I've scanned the ones that we have to help with planning. It means that I can access them at work, say, and see what I need to prepare or buy for that weeks meeting...
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    Question? Non-plastic poppies

    Fenris is right, there are cost considerations to the RBL but I've noticed, this year even more so that people are opting for more longstanding poppies. The metal sparkly ones, reflector ones for children and my own favourite, the smaller pin badge version. I wonder if these are part of the way...
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    Formal shirt

    Each county agm is different but no one would expect you to buy shirt for one night. Check with your commissioner but I would say that as long as your usual uniform is clean and tidy then you will be fine. The important thing is that you are there each week in the appropriate uniform for your unit.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I think that it is too early to say that it's the age of the girls that makes them less likely to work independently on a badge. They haven't had the opportunity before so it is going to take some time to introduce the concept but once two or three girls have done them and got the badges, I...
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    New Anniversary badges

    I think the important thing is that you and the units feeding and being fed by you use the same criteria. If everyone uses go and then decides to present them once a term or once a year it does not matter. If you do your own calculations then everyone has to match you.
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    Safe Space Training

    It's not something that has arisen yet as it is the 2020 deadline that a lot of people seem to be working towards but I think a lot depends on how it sold to them. I think most people working or volunteering with children nowadays will expect to have to do a DBS some form of safeguarding...
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    Question? Gold Awards

    Can anyone tell me if there should be a certificate to go with the Gold awards for the various sections ? I was reliably informed that there should be but I have had equally reliable information to suggest it is just the two badges (cloth & metal).
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    Go/Join us

    Maybe this is a good situation for a District co-ordinator to keep an eye on it. If one parent has done it to her (her daughters) advantage, she has maybe inadvertently told others who now believe it is the accepted way. Or maybe a standard email response from all units in the area saying that...
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    Go/Join us

    GG only have so much resource for these sorts of issues. It has always happened and in our area someone at region office would go through and manually delete the obvious duplicates but there are always the less obvious ones Betty Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Beth Smith may all be the same...
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    Weekly Discussion: Supporting TSS/Ranger leaders

    I don't know how your Region have packaged the offer as such or intend too but our region have just appointed someone to lead the 18-30 group. I wouldn't say it is to 'shape' the offer, more to sell it, decide how the region can support or promote opportunities etc. It is such a wide role and I...
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    Weekly Discussion: I’m only a volunteer…

    I think there is a misapprehension regarding the roles and status of paid County staff, both in reality and theortically. I don't think anyone is suggesting that anyone gains a paid commissioner or unit leader, however there is lots of scope for a paid administrator to support Commissioners and...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I agree, this sort of thing was fairly standard stuff at one point and really useful to use up the little oddments of materials left over from other activities. Then again, we all had scraps boxes. I guess we throw away/ recycle or send things to charity a lot more now rather than hang on to for...