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  • I'm doing primary education. And we go on placement in two weeks time! It's so scary! :P Ooh definitely do your holdiay licence, i did my overnight one with rainbows before i left in the summer and it was so much fun :)

    I'm sure your friends will say yes to being bridesmaids.. who wouldn't want to be a bridesmaid!! :)
    Aww that sounds awesome! Are you gonna wait a while or see if you can get married pretty soon?

    I'm missing South Wales definitely! And i'm missing Guiding, but there's just so much on, and i don't really know the area very well yet, so i'm gonna see after Christmas.

    I'm studying to be a teacher which is really good, but quite difficult at the same time. I never realised 11 year olds needed to know so much :P

    Enjoy SS! It wasn't the thing for me, i much prefered Explorers, but i suppose it all depends on who your leaders are and what you do :) xx

    I'm in Bristol at UWE uni :) I haven't started guiding here yet, i think i might look at doing it after christmas :)

    If you think you can handle the SS unit as well as guides, go for it! i was never part of a ss unit but i think it would be awesome for your girls who're leaving guides, you might even get some new leaders eventually :P

    How's things with you? Did i hear you'd got engaged? Congratulations :)

    Becky x
    Hey Becky, I just read your thread on the post about taking time off work. Where are the girls wanting to go on camp and what dates?
    Hey thanks for making last week so good! Please say thanks to your girls too, they made our week :) If you send us a link when you get your pics developed we'd love to see them! Tim managed to get home without hurting herself and we managed to get all our stuff packed in the dry eventually! Much love, Iced-Bun-Becky :P xxx
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