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  • hii, i accidently deleted the messagge with yr address in can uu resend it xx
    Sorry - to be honest I had forgotten about it - since getting home from holidays I have managed to break my toe and have a bad fall (fell off a bus getting mums wheel chair on and the chair landed ontop of me hurting my insides and back) . I will get it in the post tomorrow. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

    I will get it done this week - was ill when I got back from the USA and injured myself at the airport on the way home :( so havent had time to catch up with myself yet - i am working on it though!


    Many thanks for your message. i have cleared some space in my inbox (sorry for not having space when you tried earlier).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks
    Hi Holly,

    It Catherine, Liz told me you were on here. Hope life is treating you well.

    8th is up to 18 girls now, but back to just me as a leader - always seem to be looking for adult helpers :)
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