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  • Hi

    We don't have any equipment apart from a few wooden spoons and a frying pan so interested in most of it.

    Ideally what I would like is.....
    8 washing up bowls
    2 hanging larders
    1 rectangular frame tent
    4 toilet tents
    1 gas cooker stand with wind shelters
    1 wind shelter for gas cooker (2 burner)
    Metal ‘shelving’ for camp kitchen – free standing, very useful for getting storage boxes etc off ground
    8 metal milk crates
    Selection of metal crates and grills ?
    4 plastic portable toilets
    2 horizontal clothes airers
    (1 steel (I think) reinforced dustbin
    (1 large gas burner)

    Actually, I think that is pretty much all of it! I suppose it also come down to how much I could fit in the van!



    Just found a closed thread about Baden Powell adventures you mentioned something about a registration form being completed as soon asthe challenges ae complete could you tell me where I would find this? Thanks a lot Michelle
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