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    Cookafun - Brownies

    Hi It would be good if they could take them home to cook but part of the judging criteria is on taste! They would also be working in pairs. They definitely haven't made it easy for us! In theory it needs to be completed in 75 minutes so we should be able to fit it into an evening! I have...
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    What are you doing/done in your units this week? Part 4

    Our term will include a surprise evening (Brownies won't know until they arrive but it will be pirate challenges on the beach), cooking competition, athletics night, Units Birthday, Welly walk, code-breaking, sausage sizzle as well as Adventure/On/More evenings. We have the same problem - not...
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    Cookafun - Brownies

    Hi Thanks to you all for your suggestions! Pitta breads are a great idea but the competition involves making the dough and sauce from scratch! I was going to split them over a couple of meetings but I think i have found a hall with 2 kitchens that we could use for a meeting so fingers crossed...
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    Cookafun - Brownies

    Hi I just wondered whether any other Brownie units were doing the Cookafun challenge? We are, but I am trying to sort out how to run the pizza making competition as the oven in our meeting place is definitely not suitable for cooking lots of pizzas! How are other units planning on doing this...
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    International penpals

    Hi My daughter who is 14 and a Young Leader/Senior Section member would like a penpal from overseas but we are not sure of the best way to go about finding one! Has anyone else done this before or know the best way to get started? Many thanks Sarah
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    Pax Lodge / London

    Thanks for your replies! That is pretty much what I thought! I think we may have to walk up Parliament Hill to Hampstead Heath for a picnic. We will have a 2 hour train journey there and back but I think it will be worth it to visit Pax Lodge!
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    Pax Lodge / London

    Hi everyone! I just thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone has any ideas to help me! I am looking to take my Brownies on a day trip to London to visit Pax Lodge. I was wondering if there is anything else within walking distance of Pax Lodge that we could do - museums / tourist attractions /...
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    Whats everyone up to this term?

    We are another monday pack! After the initial excitement of realising we had 4 weeks off we then felt a bit guilty and are deciding whether to do a quick sleepover during april half-term!!! I also had an email this weekend to inform me we had been linked to 2 units in USA so we are really...
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    Idea! Christmas Captains Coming!

    I found this last year and my Brownies love it! Areas of room can be:- Santa's workshop, North Pole, Frosty forest & Polar Bear's Lair. Wrap presents - girls kneel down and pretend to wrap up a parcel. Down the chimney - girls imitate climbing down the chimney until they are crouched...
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    Activities for bonfire/fireworks night

    We made 'natural' collages as part of the seasons badge. Black or blue paper and bright 'autumn' coloured leaves which the brownies used to make bonfire collages. We also let them use tissue paper and chalk to add extra detail. They looked really effective!
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    Teacher Training Advice Needed

    Thanks for the replies! It's reassuring to know that others have managed it! The main problem for me is the financial side but I'm going to look into it!
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    Hello to anyone in Hants East!

    Hi I'm in Hants East too!
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    Teacher Training Advice Needed

    Hi! I know there are lots of teachers on here so I thought I would ask for some advice! I am considering becoming a teacher but have that awful feeling of having left it too late! I just wondered which routes people had taken to becoming qualified - has anyone done it later? I am in my 30's...
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    promise night

    We have made 'Promise bracelets' before. Girls choose 3 different coloured lengths of wool and 3 beads (to represent the 3 parts of the promise). They just plait the wool and, every so often, thread a bead on. Also, 'promise caterpillars'! Draw (or stick) 8 circles to make a caterpillar. One is...
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    go database and uk-wide mailing

    I also read this article and was wondering about the cost of sending letters and catalogues to every member. I thought one of he aims of Go! was to reduce the cost/amount of paperwork/forms?