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  • Hi Skoob
    Hi Skoob
    not sure if i have sent you a message or not - so apologies if I have.
    race for life badges have arrived and I have some spare if you still want them.
    please pm me and let me know so I can give them to others if you no longer want them.
    ps how is your mum?

    many thanks
    Hi Skoob
    how is your mum and more importantly, how are you?
    I havn't received the race for life badges yet as popcorn has had a bereavement. Anyway as promised, i have to order more badges and wondered if
    you wanted me to order one for you?
    please let me know
    hi Jim, thank you for you great wishes, Ive been so busy I haven't logged on in an age.

    Hope all well with you

    Hi there

    Yes its going well, seem alot more organised. I have persuaded a friend to become our unit helper and she is fab! The girls love her to bits as well.
    I do a half-termly newsletter with achievements, birthdays what we've been up to and photos for the girls and parents so they know we are are having fun.

    We are helping out at Race for Life tomorrow and one of our girls is running, my daughter is doing it tonight so I'll be there two nights on the trot!!

    Thanks for all your help and advice when I first started.

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