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  • Ello :) Not seen you on the forum for a bit, too busy?! How's life, apart from getting engaged of course?!! The job going ok?
    Just wondering if you have the contact details of a DC or similar I could contact to try and find myself a Brownie unit in Chester for September?
    Thanking you!
    lol, oh that was fun to hear about - that intense kinda set a new low in guiders.co.uk behaviour ;) sam was very wild! lol
    Yup, indeed! I can't remember who was in which team any more but our team were heckling and calling BADGER when the other team were trying to guess - it was safer than PIZZA - that might actually have been the answer!! I'm alright ta, trying to find the motivation to tidy the house :S xx
    BADGER came from the same game of pictionary as PIZZA! Hows things with you? xxx
    Hello! Loves to you too...I'm away on my hols tomorrow....I'll be in that bloody sea come rain, snow or hail....just you wait!!

    Hugs FS x x x
    unfortunately there were no nice latino's, but last night there was a rather nice italian dude;)
    Hey hun! How are you?

    What days are good for you for meeting for ice cream and a catch up?
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