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    Oh dear night before camp panic!

    I managed to sew them all on.
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    Oh dear night before camp panic!

    I always mean to sew them on straight away.
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    Oh dear night before camp panic!

    I'm doing the normal night befor camp panic my tarpaulin for bedroll has been despidered and then I opened my badge tin! Why do I always do this to myself, I never seem to sew many on and then feel like I need on them before a camp! I have about 20 badges to sew on. I promised myself last summer...
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    Thank you means a lot!

    Well I feel I needed to share this thank you made me well up. I've been questioning whether or not I can continue to run guides as I'm now working full time after maternity leave and with the hours my husband works my 2 year old regularly has to attend guides with me. Well on Saturday we went to...
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    Why do people borrow from me!

    I'm a teacher and hate when people do that! It's just rude. I've taken to putting stickers with my name on everything.
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    Question? Guide falling out

    So tonight my very competitive guides had a fall out. One guide was being a sore (child a) winner of the game. The rest of the guides got cross with her. The rest of the guides tried to cheat at the task get through a piece of paper. Even with using my phone 2 still could understand how it was...
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    Starting Voyage award

    I'm in the Internet trefoil I haven't braved my voyage award yet!
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    What are you doing/done in your units this week? Part 4

    At Rainbows last week we made Diwail lamps by gluing tea lights to cd and decorating with gems and glitter glue.
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    Christmas card challenge

    I challenged my guides to sell the Christmas cards we have made. If they raise £5 they get a badge an the person who raises the most wins a prize. So far one girl has raised £26 selling 5 cards. The rest have all raised £5 in week 1 of the competition.
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    Name badges for unit helpers

    I've no idea but hopefully someone will as I would like them too.
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    Gift Aid - Filling in Certificate

    Thanks for posting this thread. I had been putting it off as I thought it was complicated. It's actually really easy and quick. My certificate came yesterday.
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    What are you doing/done in your units this week? Part 4

    We made chocolate Yule logs and learnt to strike a match to light a candle. I had one guide cry over the match as she was terrified.
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    Victor Challenge (Hunger Games Inspired)

    I really like this challenge badge I think I'll ask my guides if they want to do it.
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    Christmas Craft Idea - Robin theme

    We also did stained glass Robin's from hobbycraft. They were £1 each but I only have 8 guides so not that many to buy for.
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    Rainbows promise uniform or not?

    As long as it's special to the person making the promise I don't think it matters.