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Christmas Advent Calendar Challenge

Christmas Advent Calendar Challenge Currently V8 29-08-17

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A great resource, the girls made their own choices as to which crafts/idea/songs/challenges to complete, the leaders then turned it into an advent calendar so they had no idea what was coming up next. Everything was really well explained and filled 4 full sessions (we did need to spread out the cooking over 3 weeks!), the girls loved the badge and I will do this again in a couple of years time with my next lot of brownies.

Michelle Brown Owl, 1st Old Windsor Brownies

A great badge and loads of resources, glad it’s still around.
Now with extra craft activities for Christmas 2017 - 2 scrummy sugar scrub recipes
Badges selling fast - please get your orders to caroline.bilbrough@uk.ibm.com to ensure you get them. More details in resource pack.
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Updated to include activities for Rainbows
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Updated to include activities suitable for Rainbows
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