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Hi - the challenge pack has been updated with details of how to pay via PayPal with details of fees to add onto the order.

We have just taken delivery of 1000 badges so have plenty in stock
We have decided to reorder after all - we have 1000 badges arriving shortly xx
Hi All - Sorry I have had to update this resource for the facebook challenge pages so thought I had best do the same on here to avoid copyright issues
The challenge has been updated with our new contact email address. We have just taken delivery of 1000 more badges - A big thank you to all who have supported us so far as we have now sold 1750 badges in total xx
Title changed to ensure that you know that the badge has been okayed by GG branding
The colour of the writing on the badge has been changed to be clearer. We have also updated the reason for raising funds as we have raised enough for our Disney trip in May 2016 so will continue to raise funds but for our next residential trips.