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Good Deed Balloons

Good Deed Balloons 2016-08-29

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This isn't really a resource, but thought some might find it helpful.

I can't remember where I saw the idea first, but the girls really love this, and great for when you have new girls joining, to think about the ways you can help other people and and what a good deed is.

Print out the messages attached, cut into strips and roll up into a tube. Pop the messages into balloons, then blow them up and litter the hall floor with them.

The rules are, you can only pop a balloon if you are willing to do the good deed before the next session!

I make sure that any girls who don't like balloons popping can go into another room before we start - they can then decide between themselves what good deeds they are going to do in the next week.

Once all are popped we get into a circle and read them all out.

The list isn't exhaustive, so let me know if you come up with others :)
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Like txhis idea thank you