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Tropical Challenge Badge

Tropical Challenge Badge 1

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Presenting to you the Tropical Challenge Badge! Perfect for a pack holiday (it could be Tropical or Moana themed!) or to be covered over a few meetings. The Badge was designed by the 12th York (Holgate Methodist) Brownies after they asked for a Tropical themed pack holiday and I couldn't find any badges to suit! The ideas all came from the Brownies, and most of the tasks were tested by my group. There is a mix of craft, games, cooking and learning about our natural world, and there is links to the current badges for Brownies, Guides and Senior Section. The pack will be updated when the new programme is launched later this year. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque and I aim to post next day following cleared funds. We have a fb page @TropicalChallengeBadge to share pictures and ideas for the badge.
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