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    Hello and welcome :)
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    New member

    Hello and welcome :)
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm a Guider currently without a unit. :( We had to close due to lack of girls and although I have been promised a role somewhere in the Division, it hasn't appeared yet, and it feels very odd not to be actively preparing for next term
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    Hello all

    Welcome :)
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    New Anniversary badges

    I think this should work Foxi. Log in to Go Go to my units Below the unit name you should find a line of headings One of these should say Guide programme, click on it On the left there is now a list of different parts of the programme Click on Anniversary badges, and you should get a list of...
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    Sharing a double airbed

    Just don't blow it up too hard or you may find yourself being bounced off by your sleeping partner when they turn over;)
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    Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome :) Always good to have new people here
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    Just joined - Hello all

    Hello and welcome :)
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    There are some children who would think gaining every badge available is a challenge to be taken on, just as we get a few with every Brownie badge with the old programme
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    Sorry to hear that Badgemad, hope you feel better soon
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    Good Day

    Hello and welcome, I'm sure you will find lots of ideas here but as you probably noticed there is a new programme just out in the UK so we are all a bit focussed on that at the moment.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    That's a valid point Badgemad, but for the best part of 50 years, Challenges for programme badges, whether that was Footpath Road and Highway or Adventure badges, for Brownies, have come with the option to choose a similar alternative challenge to suit the girl or the circumstances and a lot of...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/globalassets/docs-and-resources/programme-and-activities/changeover-guidance-brownies.pdf This is where you need to be :) Scroll down to Brownie badges and awards on page 2
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I'm glad to hear that :) I hope they will issue a correction for the badge book quickly as well.
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    Guiding Magazine

    I think they want to start a letters page again and are asking people to provide suitable letters.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK Some one who has the first aid skill builder 2 please reassure me they have got it right there. I've just been browsing the new badge book and it says says 'Lie back and recover. If someone is unresponsive and not breathing, laying them on their back can be dangerous...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I don't think the Gold award is going to take a year for Brownies. They have to; 1. make their Promise 2 run an activity for the unit or make something for the unit like a song book or recipe book 3. find out about Guides and tell the rest of the unit what they have discovered or tell Rainbows...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I'm sorry to be raining on this parade but I am rather sitting on the fence about a number of things. I am concerned about the cost of the resources for units in less affluent areas and wish that the content of the cards was at least on the website to be read if you can't afford to buy them all...
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    Three weeks to go!

    Our County are having a drop in day when we can look at all the resources and then order what we need from our local Guide depot. They are going to open a week earlier after the Summer break so that people can collect their orders in good time for next term. Really looking forward to having a...
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    Weekly Discussion: Squabbles, sulks and strops

    The tale of the vanishing limp. We are on a Pack holiday in October and the girls are playing a wide game in the extensive private grounds of the holiday house. The smugglers are trying to move contraband from one end of the playing area to the other without being caught so there is a certain...