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  1. quietbrownowl

    Weekly Discussion: Craft, Materials, and the Environment (oh my!)

    We've used pringlea tubes to make a Kalideoscope and a flamingo to play croquet.
  2. quietbrownowl

    Weekly Discussion: Craft, Materials, and the Environment (oh my!)

    We had a christmas craft sale last night at brownies with a variety of crafts the brownies have made over the last 3weeks. Our unit helper turned up last night with 45 bags of reindeer food made using the big tub of glitter from our cupboard (how i didnt notice it was missing i dont know)...
  3. quietbrownowl


    I hope this is ok to post here. As a DC when should I see the REN form for a raimbow sleepover? Im assuming the leader is doing her Going Away Licence (unless she is taking someone with her who already has it). I feel now it is less than 6 weeks away I should ask to see it but I dont want to...
  4. quietbrownowl

    Weekly Discussion: “Challenge” Badges

    I always went to church (not mine) as a guide for Rememberance Sunday because it was a special service, not to get a badge. I had a very upset brownie last year because her rainbow sister got a badge for going to watch the local panto and she didnt. We've had 2 brownies come up from rainbows...
  5. quietbrownowl

    Girls say the funniest things…

    While on pack holiday we had 1 homesick and tearful brownie. We heard these comforting?! words Brownie 1 "whats wrong?" Brownie 2 "i miss my mum and dad and my brother and i want to go home" Brownie 1 "well i miss mine too but you dont see me crying about it" I shouldnt have laughed but i did.
  6. quietbrownowl

    Flags at Remembrance

    I think ive managed to send it
  7. quietbrownowl

    Flags at Remembrance

    Could you please send me this? The only 3 flags we have at rememberance sunday are all queens colours - ours, scouts and boys bigrade.
  8. quietbrownowl

    Weekly Discussion: “Challenge” Badges

    I will probably be slated for saying this but I personally dont like them and will never use them. I know they are fantastic fundraisers but I dont really see a need for them. There are enough interest badges to do that teach the girls so much. (Sorry i dont know anything about rainbow...
  9. quietbrownowl

    Lone Guides

    Could you please send me some info about lone guides please. I'm DC and trying to find out as much info as possible to pass onto a potential lone guide.
  10. quietbrownowl

    Brownies activity taster pack

    We did the brownies on the move from the taster pack on Monday and it went even better than I expected. Each six went round the town with a leader and all came to the same conclusion - our town is really not wheelchair friendly due to the state of the pavements and the amount of bins from...
  11. quietbrownowl

    Keeping Girls' Data Updated

    When we have a new nrownie join I always add them to go first (I know I probably should wait until she's had her first meeting but it's easier this way for me), I then print off the starting form from go with her membership number so all the info we have is printed on it. I give it to the...
  12. quietbrownowl

    Commissioner e-module

    Thank you. Unfortunatly I don't really know any other DC's in the county that well and the one I took over from isn't very helpful. Our county is quite "if your face fits" kind of an idea. I'll do the module and hopefully it'll boost my confidence.
  13. quietbrownowl

    Commissioner e-module

    im just wondering is the commissioner e-module on the website for county commissioners or district/division commissioners aswell? I'm a district commissioner but I don't have a mentor as they don't do that in our county (we don't even get a DC badge ). I feel I'm just muddling my way through so...
  14. quietbrownowl

    Discussion VIII.2 Who is your unsung Guiding Heroine?

    my unsung heroine is my ranger guider from the unit I joined when I was 19. Our local ranger unit had closed and i got the chance to join one in another town and I'm so glad I did. The first time I ever met her I was a yl on a county camp, she did guides at the time and most of her guides there...
  15. quietbrownowl

    Discussion VII: Badge Tabs

    I'm proud to wear my badge tab and wear it every meeting. I'm the only one in our unit that does though. I've never had a problem with it either but maybe I'm just lucky. I've got my promise, 10yr service, camp/holiday, catering and first aid on mine. I change mine depending on special occasions...
  16. quietbrownowl

    Leaders only sleepover

    has anyone done a district leaders only sleepover? It's (probably) a daft idea I've had but thought it would be a good way t get all our district leaders together, share ideas, help those working on alq etc. What do all you wise leaders think?
  17. quietbrownowl

    Third discussion .2 Best residential recipe

    When we go to camp we always have Swiss roll and custard on the Saturday night - 1 slice jam Swiss roll, 1 slice chocolate Swiss roll covered in ambrosia custard. Absolute heaven!
  18. quietbrownowl

    Re-waterproofing tents

    Thank you everyone. It's modern tents I'm needing to do. I'll need to pray for nice weather as I think there's 6 or more to do. I took over the keys to the campstore last year from a retiring leader. I've not braved looking at the icelandics yet, I don't think they've been out since mice...
  19. quietbrownowl

    Re-waterproofing tents

    Can anyone give me any advice please about re-waterproofing lightweight tents? I've never done this before and our tents are all needing done this year as when we took them out in May 1 leaked. What I'm wondering is: 1 what's the best product to use? 2 does it need to be done outside or can I do...