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  1. ker-stee

    Resource Which Badge Should I Do?

    ker-stee submitted a new resource: Which Badge Should I Do? - A way of girls seeing which badges link with their interests or other activities... Read more about this resource...
  2. ker-stee

    Resource Brownie Bingo

    ker-stee submitted a new resource: Brownie Bingo - A version of Brownie Bingo! Read more about this resource...
  3. ker-stee

    Sixers without Seconds

    Has anyone ever had Brownies with sixers but not necessarily a second in each six? Due to numbers we need to go up to 5 sixes, but a lot of our girls are very new and not experienced enough to be seconds imo. We don't do a lot where sixers take full charge of their group and the girls we have...
  4. ker-stee

    What Can I Use This For?

    Following on from a discussion in a separate thread, I thought it might be good to have a thread where people can tell us the items they have for everyone else to give suggestions on what they can be used for...
  5. ker-stee

    I've just become a Guide....

    ...In forum terms! I've just realised i've been a member of Guiders.co.uk for 10 years now (Since being a Young Leader at the group i'm now in charge of!) so i've jumped over the internet toadstool and on to Guides I go!
  6. ker-stee

    Quiet, Sitting Down Games

    As the title says really, i'm looking for suggestions for quiet, sitting down games! The only quiet games we really play are Wink Murder and Giant's Keys... Any other suggestions? (Please describe the game, don't just say the name!)
  7. ker-stee

    Offering a District Pack Holiday (Kinda)

    Hi all, We're starting to plan our Pack Holiday for next year, and the one place I would really like to offer is quite expensive, and for a group of 20 it's far too cost prohibitive (Yes, we do fund raise, but don't get enough to make it a lot cheaper) 30 girls would ideally make it an...
  8. ker-stee

    First Aid 'Training Box'

    **Please note, this is about Scouts but suggestions will be welcome from you all too!** Over the coming weeks we are going to work on the Emergency Aid badge, and it got me thinking about the items required to teach these skills properly. I am thinking of putting together some sort of...
  9. ker-stee

    How do you deal with new girls 'turning up'

    How do you all deal with new girls just turning up? I had a current Brownie walk in on Monday saying 'We've got a new girl starting tonight' and this girl came in with her parents and started playing with girls from school. Parents told me she would like to join and do we have space? Now, we...
  10. ker-stee

    Poacher 2017

    It's that time of year once again... Who is going to Poacher 2017 next week and what as/which Sub Camp are you on?
  11. ker-stee

    The Great British Bake Off

    Okay, so i'm actually asking this in a Scout Leader role, but I know you lovely ladies will have suggestions. I'd like to run a 'GBBO' evening/few weeks themed activity for my Scouts and i'm looking for suggestions. We're limited on actual cookers etc, but as I only have 8 Scouts, we could fit...
  12. ker-stee

    Resource Brownie Rio/Olympic/Brazil Themed Activity Day

    ker-stee submitted a new resource: Brownie Rio/Olympic/Brazil Themed Activity Day - The plan for a Brownie Rio/Olympics/Brazil themed day Read more about this resource...
  13. ker-stee

    Resource Theme Park/Zoo Trip Memory Page

    ker-stee submitted a new resource: Theme Park/Zoo Trip Memory Page - Page to complete to remember a trip to a theme park/zoo Read more about this resource...
  14. ker-stee

    Essex International Jamboree 2016 - Registration Now Open!

    Join us and 1,000s of other Scouts and Guides at the UK's largest Jamboree next summer! The Essex International Jamboree will be held between 30th July - 6th August 2016 near Chelmsford in Essex! If you've never experienced an EIJ before, take a look at our video to see what it's all...
  15. ker-stee

    Brownie Badges Pinterest Site

    Hi all, I've noticed recently that a lot of leaders don't use the official interest badges for Brownies- and only rely on unofficial challenge badges. Many of the reasons for this i've seen are that the badges are 'boring' or that they don't know how to run them. This gave me an idea- I...
  16. ker-stee

    Brownies Take The Lead

    Hi all, In a few weeks we're challenging our oldest 4 Brownies to 'plan' a meeting for the rest of the group. They'll be doing the planning/decision making with one of the leaders so we can advise on time scales etc I was wondering if anyone had a sheet to help them structure the meeting...
  17. ker-stee

    'Fun' Ways to teach girls to make a cup of tea

    So, we're doing our hostess badge by running a coffee morning at Brownies (It also raises money for Pack Holiday) And on Monday we're doing a range of things to prepare including: How to make a cup of tea/coffee Speaking to 'older people' (It's amazing how many girls dont realise they need...
  18. ker-stee

    How far can you backdate?

    For your leadership qualification? Is it at your mentor's discretion? I can't *see* anything online regarding this? I've been a Brownie leader since turning 18 (I was also a YL for 4 years before that, but I know that doesn't count!) but never got round to pulling it all together. I'm only...
  19. ker-stee

    Question? What does 'Jamboree' mean to you?

    Hi all, I've started working on a project for an event which will be happening in a few years. I'm just looking into brand awareness at the moment, and how 'well known' it is. (I'm not mentioning the name purposefully as I don't want it to impact upon your answers!) I'd really...
  20. ker-stee

    Santa Tracking!

    I think we post this yearly, however this is great fun for those with kids (Or just big kids!) Track Santa around the world, see where he is currently giving out presents!! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to you all! https://santatracker.google.com/#tracker