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  1. quietbrownowl


    I hope this is ok to post here. As a DC when should I see the REN form for a raimbow sleepover? Im assuming the leader is doing her Going Away Licence (unless she is taking someone with her who already has it). I feel now it is less than 6 weeks away I should ask to see it but I dont want to...
  2. quietbrownowl

    Commissioner e-module

    im just wondering is the commissioner e-module on the website for county commissioners or district/division commissioners aswell? I'm a district commissioner but I don't have a mentor as they don't do that in our county (we don't even get a DC badge ). I feel I'm just muddling my way through so...
  3. quietbrownowl

    Leaders only sleepover

    has anyone done a district leaders only sleepover? It's (probably) a daft idea I've had but thought it would be a good way t get all our district leaders together, share ideas, help those working on alq etc. What do all you wise leaders think?
  4. quietbrownowl

    Re-waterproofing tents

    Can anyone give me any advice please about re-waterproofing lightweight tents? I've never done this before and our tents are all needing done this year as when we took them out in May 1 leaked. What I'm wondering is: 1 what's the best product to use? 2 does it need to be done outside or can I do...
  5. quietbrownowl

    Wood pile

    How do you keep your woodpiles off the ground when at camp or do you just leave them on the ground and cover them? We used to use Y shaped sticks and poles to keep them up but I can only find 3 in our camp store so only enough for 1 patrol.
  6. quietbrownowl

    Camp food shopping

    I've been tasked with doing the online food shopping as our caterer "doesn't do online". We're not camping for another 3weeks but I'm looking at tesco and for some reason I can't figure out quantities of certain things. Can anyone help or does anyone have advice??!
  7. quietbrownowl

    Camp itinerary

    I am running a joint brownie/guide camp (approx 40 girls) and I was wondering what others use as a rough itinerary for camp? How long do you spend on activities etc? We will be doing patrol cooking (except lunch and supper). I have a rough idea, just wanted some reassurance really! Thank you.
  8. quietbrownowl

    Loch Lomond sea life centre sleepover

    Has anyone had a sleepover at Loch Lomond sealift centre? I'm looking for information about it. Is it value for money, did you have to provide food etc? I sent them an email but just got a link to the website back.
  9. quietbrownowl

    All the fun of the fair theme night

    our brownies want a night of all the fun of the fair. I've got hook a duck, quoits, skittles, bowls, throw beanbag in clown mouth and juggling. But no idea how to run it or score it (they want it as a group competition). Has anyine done this before or have any advice?
  10. quietbrownowl

    Camping while pregnant?

    Has anyone taken girls away camping while they're pregnant? I was speaking to a leader who will be 5 months when she takes her unit camping. So I thought I'd ask all your opinions on it?
  11. quietbrownowl

    Fundraising ideas needed.

    We've been given a pitch at our local agricultural show next year and I'm looking for some ideas. I'm hoping to put up a large gazebo and have some fundraisers for children and adults. I had thought hook a duck, lucky dip barrel, whisky trail, treasure map. I'm wondering if there's anything else...
  12. quietbrownowl

    Thinking day

    I'm starting to think about thinking day (early I know) as I'd like to organise a district fun day for after our church service. Last year was the first and the girls did crafts from around the world. This year I'd like to do something different, possibly a wide game or something similar. I...
  13. quietbrownowl

    Taking senior section away

    I'm thinking about taking our local senior section group (5) away for a weekend trip to a city about an hour away. My idea is getting there by train, hiring a local guide hall to sleep in and spending the Saturday at local museums/tourist attractions. My question is - I have the old...
  14. quietbrownowl

    A help pack for units?

    As I have recently taken over as DC I thought it might be a good idea to put a help pack together for each unit by printing off some of the help files on go/join us, info about ratios, prohibited activities, what to do in an emergency, consent information, planning trips etc. Has anyone done...
  15. quietbrownowl


    This might be an obvious question but i need to get this clarified before my next district meeting. Rainbow tabbards - uniform or not? Should units still be using them? Guide uniform - should all guides be wearing the new uniform now or is it still ok to wear the dark blue one?
  16. quietbrownowl

    Opening a senior section unit

    Myself and another leader were talking and our district doesn't have a SS unit so we thought we might open one up early next year. However absolutely no idea about the SS programme etc. can anyone give us some pointers please?
  17. quietbrownowl

    District commissioner

    What would you say the role of a district commissioner involves? I'm looking for ways to write a description but my mind is coming up blank!
  18. quietbrownowl

    Fire regulations

    Can anyone tell me the regulations regarding fire alarms for halls that are used for sleepovers? I've tried looking online but completely drawn a blank and I have it in my head there is a certain fire safety standard to be adhered to when a hall is used for sleepovers.
  19. quietbrownowl


    does anyone know if we can take brownies fishing? I've looked in the manual and can't see anything. I was speaking to the local angling club yesterday and he was saying they take young members but membership was falling. I had the mad idea maybe we could do this at one of our weekly meetings...
  20. quietbrownowl

    Joint brownie/guide camp

    I'm looking for some advice please. As I am the only leader in our district with any qualifications for taking girls away I am thinking about doing a joint camp between my brownies and a guide unit. (Im only offering it to these units as there is a big divide in our district and we are the 2...