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  1. littlerainbow

    Undoing a mistake on website re new programme SB.

    Can anyone tell me how to remove a 'completed' skills builder that I input by mistake? Have emailed CHQ but not hopeful of a speedy reply.
  2. littlerainbow

    Tie Dye

    We did tie dye the other night and now have some "coloured" rectangles of fabric. Any ideas as to how we can use/display them?
  3. littlerainbow

    Annual Subscription

    Yip, it's that time again. We've been given the info as to the subs for 2017. We've finally gone over the £30 threshold - £30.50 (with a possible £33 for 2018).
  4. littlerainbow

    Resource Rainbow Promise pennant

    littlerainbow submitted a new resource: Rainbow Promis pennant - A pennant for girls to make. Read more about this resource...
  5. littlerainbow

    Resource Rainbow desk promise

    littlerainbow submitted a new resource: Rainbow desk promise - 3D card Rainbow Promise to colour & construct Read more about this resource...
  6. littlerainbow

    Mother's day card verse

    Can anyone remind of the verse for the card where you put in a drink sachet and there's something about "put your feet up"?
  7. littlerainbow

    Badge design ideas

    I'm looking for ideas for a badge design. It'll be for a Rainbow fun day. I was wondering what other folk thought made a badge appealing. If anyone cares to upload a pic of their favs, that would be muchly appreciated.
  8. littlerainbow

    Roundabout - All about me.

    We're going to be doing the potato activity and I'm scratching my head as to how we are going to "decorate" the potatoes. Has anyone any ideas as to how to attach the features to the spuds?
  9. littlerainbow

    Is Join Us working?

    I've tried to get into Join Us, but when I click the tab it sends me back to the Members' Area. Is it just my new Xmas 'puter or is Join Us actually down? Help!
  10. littlerainbow

    TSS revamp

    Is this old news? The programme is changing to coincide with 2016 centenary and looking to change name and age range of the section. Got this from Scottish Exec via our County News.
  11. littlerainbow

    Food activity ideas needed.

    I'm looking for a food activity for a County event (up to 100 Rainbows). So, for perhaps 16 girls at a time. No cooking and not too fussy. Needs to take about 20mins to complete. Over to you for ideas please :).
  12. littlerainbow

    Glow in the dark paint

    I've just picked up a 150ml bottle of glow in the dark paint from Tesco (£1). I'm thinking of doing a paper plate spider's web and will use paint to decorate the ring parrt.:Halloween Pumpkin:
  13. littlerainbow

    Annual Subscription 2015

    We are "lucky" that our subs stay the same as last year (£28.50) because County are decreasing their slice by the 90p increase from CHQ & SHQ.
  14. littlerainbow

    New Rainbow Uniform Guidelines

    The new guidelines are going to impact on our unit where girls choose either tabard or polo for a top and not all have trousers. All girls should have a uniform top and bottom, and this would be considered appropriate for events where formal uniform is required. Tabards and baseball caps...
  15. littlerainbow

    Ideas please for Get Healthy Roundabout

    The girls chose the Get Healthy Roundabout for our sleepover theme. I've had a look and I'm so disappointed with the activities - this resource badly needs an update. We're going to do our own thing, but need ideas that are a bit crafty. I've considered cutting healthy food out of mags (I'm...
  16. littlerainbow

    Activity village & Thinking Day

    Whilst looking for a spring craft filler for next week I came across this: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/world-thinking-day Too late for this year, but I'll try to remember to check in 2015!
  17. littlerainbow

    Leaders' Guidance notes query

    At last the Rainbow Leaders' Guidance Notes have been updated with the new Promise. But how the heck do you print the document out, as a booklet, as they've produced it as "two to a page"? Anyone able to help?
  18. littlerainbow

    CNY:Year of the horse

    We're looking at Chinese New Year in a couple of weeks and I was wondering what others had in mind in relation to horses. I think a horse stick puppet is in the pipeline for our Rainbows , but would welcome something else as well. :confused:
  19. littlerainbow

    New Year's Resolutions

    Tesco ditched the festive Crimbo decs yesterday and put up New Year related bunting (St Andrew's flag/fireworks). So, what resolutions are everyone thinking of making? I would say that I'll get on with the Unit scrapbook, but know that I'll fail miserably. Back to the drawing board. :confused:
  20. littlerainbow

    Winter Guiding mag observations

    The mag appeared just before Christmas with a couple of interesting things. Looking on p68 I see Head of Trading has had a jolly to China, checking out garment factories, with an eye on the ethics. I commend this, but now he needs to address the fundamental issues of sizing & quality. Quote...