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    Role changes on GO!

    Just seen that Assistant Leader is no longer a role on GO! - all adult leaders appear to have the role of Leader (Section).
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    GAW publications: what would you include?

    Inspired by this thread: Question? - Leaders working on ALQ and desperate to do GAW The DofE publishes a comprehensive guide to the expedition section, which is regularly updated. It doesn't include instruction on all the skills required, but it clarifies the requirements of participants...
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    Has anyone been involved in 'Holiday Guiding'?

    I've been reading some of the pages about Holiday Guiding on the Girlguiding website, and wondered if anyone here had been involved? Holiday guiding
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    New Guiding Magazine

    The second in the new format has just arrived, and I love it! I like the format, I like the articles - they seem to have upped the amount of useful content. The activities chosen are good: active, interesting and practical. Anyone else?
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    Planning for the sutumn term - activities outside the meeting place

    Planning for the autumn term - activities outside the meeting place Hi everyone, thought it might be useful to have a place to share outside the meeting place activities! Tesco do a Farm To Fork Trail (Rainbows, Brownies). Free. See: http://www.eathappyproject.com/about-us/faq/ B&Q's...
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    Supporting Leaders - what would help you?

    I was thinking this morning that we have a lot of Leaders who are busy, some who run Units single-handed, those with other commitments... What would help and support you to provide the best possible Guiding for your Units? I would like: 1. An app for Guides and members of The Senior...
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    Skills in Girlguiding

    Inspired by Elzie's thread (http://www.guiders.co.uk/showthread.php/54353-Feminism-through-skills-rather-than-just-talking-about), what skills do you think girls could and do develop effectively through Girlguiding, within Unit meetings and the current programmes? In Guides - the GFIs...
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    Brownies in Japan?

    Some friends will be moving back to Japan in March. Their daughter has been a Brownie here since September, and is very keen to continue. Does anyone have any contacts, either in BGIFC or through the Japanese Girl Scouts? I'd be really grateful for anything to pass on - I've found the official...
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    Girlguiding in 2020

    What changes would you make, and what would you like to see? I really like the current focus on all being part of one organisation. I'd like to see this attitude trickle down so that Leaders from all sections are actively working together on transitions. To support this, I would like...
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    Module 1 for SS - can I do it working with our unit's Young Leaders?

    Hi all, We've been encouraging our older Guides to think about moving on to The Senior Section. Four girls have asked to become YLs (not all with our Unit!). I've spent a bit of time in meetings showing them the Senior Section area online, helping them to find out about the programme and...
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    Idea! Roles for volunteers - job adverts

    Thinking about the parents who say they'd be happy to help out, but can't make every week, or people who are willing to help but need something they can do from home, or those who are able to offer a few hours every so often... There's lotas which can be done, but it's sometimes quite hard to...
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    The Big Brownie Birthday: other sections?

    The Big Brownie Birthday was mentioned at our last District meeting, and I've been having a look at some of the resources and information online. The GGUK website says there will be a challenge for all, launched in Autumn 2013. Beyond this, if you're not a Brownie Leader, are you planning to...
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    Local profile/PR - ideas?

    Hello all, I'm looking for some ideas to raise the profile of our Guide unit within the local community. In our District, we have a primary school, a community hall, a church and some local shops. Library, supermarkets, secondary schools etc all fall within other Districts. So - what...
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    Adventure/Discovery in weekly meetings - ideas?

    Hello all, We've made a big effort over the last few years to make our programme both girl-led and more exciting/adventurous. At some point in the first couple of meetings, we collect the girls' suggestions in various ways and assemble them into a programme. However, they do often either...
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    Idea! Supporting Leaders & Volunteers

    Again following on from the 27-65 thread, what would make you feel supported as a volunteer? It could be something which makes your role more straightforward, shows you are valued or perhaps something else altogether. Looking around on the internet, some of the things out there: *GGUK...
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    Guide sign/salute and Rainbows

    Hi all, Am a wee bit confused and looking for help from the font of all (Guiding) knowledge! I have some vague recollection that Rainbows weren't allowed to use the Guide sign/salute in the past. However... having searched the Manual, I cannot find either "salute" or "Guide sign"...
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    Crystal Palace Launch - so excited!

    Morning, I'm off to the launch party in a couple of hours and just wanted to bounce up and down a bit and say "I'm so excited!" Have a brilliant day, everyone! ~Willow
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    Hello, just a quick message to say hi! I'm Willow, a Guide Guider from LaSER. Looking for some inspiration for next term's programme, I came across this site and stayed up FAR TOO LATE :D reading threads and thinking "Guider hoodie - fantastic!" and "Guidefest! Even better!". Looking...