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  1. browniebeth

    New Programme - Discuss!

    Please use this thread to discuss the new programme :) Please also remember this is searchable on search engines, and as BadgeMad4 (sorry, was that World Chief Guide?!?!) knows only too well, may end up in the Sunday papers. So let's keep it constructive and work through any concerns positively.
  2. browniebeth

    Out and About badge

    Curious to know whether anyone has some interesting ideas to incorporate into working for this badge?
  3. browniebeth

    Question? Paying subs by BACS

    Hi all I would like to start offering this, and I was wondering how everyone runs it. At present we do termly payments three times a year by cash or cheque. I think the options are 1. Parents make one off payments online three times a year 2. Parents set up a standing order for a monthly...
  4. browniebeth

    Idea! Best activities for the summer term

    Hi all Now that (hopefully) we're done with what felt like a very long winter and moving into more pleasant climates, what has everyone got planned for the term? We have got a campfire evening and a walk via our local park and ice cream/chip shop (depending on temp!!) planned with our Brownies...
  5. browniebeth

    Question? Marking Long Service Awards

    I wondered whether people could share how they have marked their long service in guiding, or the long service of others they have been involved in. I'm interested to see how these milestones are marked across the country - big presentations, local events, unit presentations, gifts. Who...
  6. browniebeth

    How to send a Private Message (PM) on the new forum

    Hi all, I can see a number of people who are unsure how to send PMs on the new forum. I thought I'd try to help because PMs are very useful for sharing information that shouldn't be posted publicly, like emails, addresses etc There are two ways you can do this: 1) in the top right of the main...
  7. browniebeth


    Hi everyone, I have noticed an increasing number of users posting their personal email addresses on the forum. If you are not already aware, most areas on this site are available for non-members to view. By posting your email on here, you are making yourself an easy target for spam, or worse...
  8. browniebeth

    Light relief activities for sixes

    Hi all, My brownies have been working on their First Aid badge this term, so the term has been a bit "heavy". We have been trying to mix in some light relief activities but are starting to run out of ideas! Does anyone have anything suitable that they've done in small groups that is completely...
  9. browniebeth

    Information: Volunteers for Magic and Mayhem!

    On the 13th-14th June, 3 of Girlguiding's TACs will be hosting their first large-scale event for Rainbows and Brownies, Magic and Mayhem! Girls will be able to take on circus skills, adventurous activities and magic tricks in a fantastic Big Top themed event. It's not too late to get involved...
  10. browniebeth

    Name The Senior Section Centenary

    As the name suggests, posting here in case anyone hasn't seen this on Twitter or via YeSS. TSS is 100 in 2016. Such a vast section and often forgotten, now is our chance to mark our birthday, after gatecrashing the guide and brownie centenary and to a lesser extent rainbows 25th. GG say we...
  11. browniebeth

    "Flexible Guiding" (Bear With Me...)

    We have a problem at the moment where we have too many Brownies, and too many girls who want to be Brownies. While this is great, it is the source of much frustration at the moment! I recently asked about managing waiting lists, but I'm interested to hear any ways of managing this mess where...
  12. browniebeth

    *anon post* Advice from join us coordinators needed

    Posted on behalf of anon ‘Hi, I am a Join Us Coordinator for County, I have been in the job a little while now but struggling. We are a very small county so thought it would be fairly simple but I have emailed the leaders on several occasions to update their Join Us records yet some (over half)...
  13. browniebeth

    Question? How Do You Manage Waiting to Join and Waiting to Transfer Lists Simultaneously?

    Hello! I've had to set up a waiting list for joining our Brownies, but I am struggling to get my head around managing 2 waiting lists, so I'd be interested to know how other Brownie/Guide/TSS leaders manage it! As far as I can see, waiting to transfer should take priority, so if I've got a...
  14. browniebeth

    Sign up for new Join Us online training

    Still not completely sure about Join Us? Want to refresh your knowledge? Found yourself having to use it for the first time after a leadership handover? Need to tick a box for your Leadership Qualification? Stumbled upon the online training sessions Girlguiding are running, sign up here to...
  15. browniebeth

    Information: Changes to the Young Leader Qualification

    Information for those who may not have seen the newsletter. The Young Leader Qualification (YLQ) has been updated and broken down into 6 bitesize modules. The content is largely the same (don't panic thinking that because it's gone from 2 modules to 6 so it must be massive- it isn't), it's...
  16. browniebeth

    Photo Books?

    I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this, but after putting it into the search box, nothing useful has come up, so here we go! We've accumulated about 100 or so decent photos from all the things we've been up to as part of the Big Brownie Birthday and would like to put these together into a photo...
  17. browniebeth

    Opportunity for Guides to help develop a new GFI

    Apologies for the splurge of info, but just spotted this too! https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/members_area__go/whats_happening/volunteering_opportunities/calling_all_guide_leaders.aspx Full information and dates of sessions is available in the members' area.
  18. browniebeth

    FAO Anyone with a Brownie/Rainbow Helper or YL aged 12-16

    Seen this on the website and thought it might be of interest to some of your younger members who are less likely to log on and notice it. They're looking to develop e-learning for the age group and are looking for...
  19. browniebeth

    Big Brownie Birthday Challenge- letting Brownies take over!

    I'm interested to see if anyone has done this part of the BBB challenge, where the girls take over the meeting, and how it worked for you! Did you give them a meeting the week before to plan, give each six a bit, or just let them get on with it in the one meeting?! I'm trying to work out if...
  20. browniebeth

    Question? Local residentials (Brownies)

    I'm just interested in knowing at what point you get rid of the parents when they drop off? Do you get them to go almost instantly, or make them take the luggage upstairs and help with bedding? Normally, I am in favour of getting them to leave as soon as, and distract the girls with an...