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    I do not know of any other way to do this. You could ask one of the moderators to see if they...

    I do not know of any other way to do this. You could ask one of the moderators to see if they could look and try to find the original post on the achives for these sheets.
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    Returning to Brownies + Recording Sheet

    Thanks very much for this. I just wish I could do resources like this. I would not know where to start! I will use both the Brownie and Rainbow charts, and they look easy to use. Thanks once again.
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    Returning to Brownies + Recording Sheet

    I would love a Rainbow resource if you are making on.
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    Returning to Brownies + Recording Sheet

    This is great, Jellie. I was wondering how I was going to record the badges etc., before putting them on GO, as not very good on computers
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    Planning sheets

    I do have planning sheets which I downloaded from the old website. If you pm me with your email address I will send this over to you.
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    Resource Purrrfect Challenge

    Can you please let me know if there are still badges available for this challenge.
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    ICANDO London challenge

    I would like these. Can you let me know how I can pay you. I do not have paypal, but could send you a cheque if you could pm me with your details.
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    Resource Get Your Skates On challenge [Deleted]

    I tried to have a look at this challenge, but there are no files in the zip folder.
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    Old Style Interest Badges for sale Brownies and Guides

    I know this is an old thread but do you have any of these Brownie badges still available.
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    Old style badges for sale - Staged, Guide, Brownie, Rainbows

    I know this is a very old thread but was wondering if you had any of these Brownie badges still available. My unit are doing the Brownie Traditions badge and I would like to show them some old badges.
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    Question? Next Term Plans For Brownies?

    Cannot see this challenge on the forum. The website www.girlguidingstaffordshire.org.uk has the challenge to download. This will give you connect details so that you can check if it is still available. It says that it is suitable for Rainbows. My Brownies really enjoy doing this challenge...
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    New Brownie programme

    Kingfisherblue - I have the taster pack, and was hoping that the folders would be more substantial than the one supplied with the sheets. So I think that your idea of a lever arch file would be better, as if you wanted to separate the sheets into themes, depending on how many themes are being...
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    Resource Be our guest challenge badge

    Are you making the necessary alteration to make the badges conform to Guiding branding.
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    New Brownie programme

    Kingfisherblue, I have not seen the folders so thought that they would be something like a lever arch file. If you are correct then they will not be of much use if you run more than one section. Also they not be practicable if you want to separate the themes, as I think most of us will. I...
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    New Brownie programme

    In reply to Kingfisherblue, I understand that a folder for the new programme sheets will be available early October.
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    Autumn term activities

    We are back tomorrow and starting with a craft evening. The second week we are at Tesco's for their Farm to Fork Trail. Then for the next five weeks will be doing the 5-Senses Challenge. Then a firework evening. For the next two weeks we are doing the Activity badge. Then Christmas...
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    Resource Poppy Challenge [Deleted]

    We did this challenge a couple of years ago, and as I have a new Brownies would like to do this again in November. Can you please let me know if you still have badges available, or if you will be updating this challenge.
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    Adventure certificates

    I did check the archived Guiders site, and as you say you can look at but not download. I do use the Adventure sheets from the forum, but I also use the certificates and alter these to give to the girls if we have completed a non-guiding challenge with the badge.
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    Adventure certificates

    I know these posts are four years old, but I had these certificates, and cannot now find them on my computer - probably deleted by mistake. I have tried the link above, but it does not work. Does anyone know if these certificates are still available.
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    St. Davids Day

    Can you please let me know if the Welsh Activity Pack is still available, as I cannot find this on the forum.