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  1. morris minor

    Suggestions on addressing envelope to unknown people

    Our Brownies have made cards to send to the residents at our local cottage hospital (a mix of respite care, dementia patients and hospital discharge rehabilitation) and now I can't think how to address/label the envelopes:confused: If I leave the envelope blank, the recipient may not realise...
  2. morris minor

    Desert Island discs

    The guest on this morning's 'Desert Island Discs' on Radio 4 was Julie Bentley, I missed part of the programme so will either listen to repeat on Friday morning on iplayer radio.
  3. morris minor

    Morrison's :Let's Grow' scheme

    Girlguiding units can register to join this scheme (collecting the vouchers when shopping at Morrison's) The website wasn't helpful and I only received an auto-reply to my email but when I phoned they were very helpful and we are now registered:) I am hoping we will collect enough vouchers to...
  4. morris minor

    Unit email accounts

    Do you have a unit email account? If so, have you found a preferred account? We want to have a unit account that all the leaders can access and respond to parent emails or raise awareness of activities etc. but don't want it to be in one individual's name or email account. I have used a...
  5. morris minor

    New Promise downloads

    GG have now put the new pages for the Section resources on the website. https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/default.aspx?page=7623 (Members area/Resource library/The Promise) Sorry if this has already been pointed out :)
  6. morris minor

    Is there anybody there?

    Am I alone?:( I hope not.:)
  7. morris minor

    Captured by Pirates-Radio 4 Now

    There is a programme now about children captured by pirates during WW2 and their internment in a prisoner of war camp and how Guiding kept them going:D
  8. morris minor

    Penguin Challenge

    In 2008 Liverpool had Superlambananas.:) For a limited time(22/11/09-10/1/2010) Liverpool will Go Penguin! :D North East Liverpool have compiled a fun challenge for those in the area.(and outside if you love penguins!) see: Merseyside Guiding (btw I have nothing to do with this, I saw it...
  9. morris minor

    Can you believe it?

    There is a pre 1990 Brownie uniform for sale on ebay, (with belt, hat, tie and handbook) for the staggering price of £125.99 (plus £6 postage!) Vintage Brownie Guide uniform: dress/hat/belt/tie/book on eBay (end time 22-Oct-09 13:13:54 BST) I need to lie down to recover from the shock!
  10. morris minor


    I just want to say Hi! Thank you for the great avatar, (apart from the colour -that's our car!) Not very techie but I'm trying (people have been sayin that for years)