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    Where shall we go to camp? Recommend a site for us....

    Our Guide unit is thinking of where to go for camp next year. We want to go somewhere we haven't been before ( so not sites in Somerset or Foxlease). These are our criteria: - not too far away as we'll only be going for 3 or 4 nights so East Devon, Dorset, North Somerset, Wiltshire, western...
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    WAGGGS World Thinking Day badges - anyone got 1 spare?

    Does anyone have any spare WAGGGS World Thinking Day cloth badges I could purchase? I'm one short after our event and as they only come in batches of 10 I don't really want to buy another 10... (These are them...
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    Travelling from Somerset to Big Gig

    We've got Big Gig tickets! We are probably travelling from Taunton on the train but I thought I'd just check that no-one in the county is trying to fill a coach and would like us to join... (There are 22 of us!) Alternatively, let me know if you'd like to join our group booking on the train.
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    Foxlease 90th birthday in 2012?

    Does anyone know if Foxlease is doing anything special to celebrate its 90th birthday next year? Our Guide unit is also 90 next year and I was wondering if we could combine the two by doing something special at Foxlease. Obviously we could organise a unit residential there but it would be nice...
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    Somerset - Pizazz transport money

    Does anyone know when/how we are going to be given the contribution towards Pizazz transport costs that apparently we're all getting?
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    County Day, 11th April

    Anyone else going to the training day at Wincanton tomorrow? I'll be there if I don't get lost...
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    Anyone know Poole?

    Dear Dorset Guiders Does anyone know Poole? We are going to Brownsea for the day but have between 5.30 and 7.30pm spare waiting for the train home. So I need to occupy 21 Guides! Are there any picnic spots on the Quay or chippies? Or any parks near/between the quay or the railway station...
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    Guide waiting list - are there any GirlguidingUK rules?

    It looks like we'll have to start a waiting-list for our unit. I would like to do it in order of age as it seems fairest to me and everyone will get a chance to be a Guide eventually but I've been told that it's written down in 'something official' that I have to do it in the order that girls...
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    Plaster Casts

    I usually avoid anything 'crafty' but have a patrol who want to make plaster casts of animal tracks for Adventure 100. I've found instructions to do this in an old Guide magazine but can't find any plaster of paris anywhere in my small town! (And no time to go anywhere else before Monday)...
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    "Songs through the Century" CD

    I bought an excellent CD of Guide songs called "Songs through the Century" by the London Guiders' Singing Group a couple of years ago. If it's still available I'd love to give a copy to someone for Christmas but I can't remember where I got it from - I know it wasn't from Trading. Can anyone help?
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    Toilet Rolls

    How many toilet rolls do you think a camp of 19 from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon would need? Can't get my head round a suitable quantity at all! Chemical toilets and Guides if that makes any difference.
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    B-P Challenge and 2 Challenge badges

    I know Guides are meant to have 2 Challenge badges before starting the B-P Challenge, but do you know if there are ever any exceptions? I have 2 Guides, both nearly 13, who are very keen to work on their B-P. The problems are: a) Guide A - was a Guide for a year but then the unit was...
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    Hello - been reading this site and even posted but haven't introduced myself. I'm a Guide Leader (currently in Somerset - my 5th Guiding county as an adult!) :)