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  1. Naomi295

    Brownie doll (like Olivia)

    Long shot but does anybody have a Brownie doll (Betty/Bethany as I've heard her called) like the Rainbow Olivia doll, that I could buy by any chance?
  2. Naomi295

    Question? What do you give your rainbows when they make their promise?

    This question comes after browsing the online shop The rainbow promise badge is to show their commitment (or something to that effect) and the rainbow woven arc badge is meant to be given when they make their promise We always used the promise badge as the promise badge, and gave them a bag...
  3. Naomi295

    What to take to recruitment

    Hi everyone! I've just come back to a rainbow and brownie unit whose numbers have been dwindling for a while, and I'm determined to do something about it! I've had a flyer through for a fun day at the local park and am just waiting on them getting back to me. However I'm wondering what to...
  4. Naomi295

    Question? Sweetastic badges

    Does anyone by any chance have any sweetastic badges left? I am thinking of doing it with a new unit and am not sure if they have already done it. If they haven't, we would need about 19? The link on their website for the order form does not work :-/ Thanks in advance everyone! xXx
  5. Naomi295

    Guides helping at a care home for the elderly

    Hello, A few of my guides wanting to do the community action badge have asked if they can help out at the local care home for the elderly for a few weekends as they have sang their with their schools at Christmas time. I said there was no harm in finding out. What sort of jobs could they do...
  6. Naomi295

    Question? At what age should Guides be on their own?

    As a matter of interest, at what age do you think Guides should be deemed responsible enough to be allowed to go off on their own on trips? Obviously that would differ depending on where you are/what you are doing, but what are your thoughts? When I went on my end of year 6 trip (aged 11) to...
  7. Naomi295

    White Young Leader Promise Badge

    Hello For sometime I have been looking for one of the new style trefoil white young leader promise badges, and wondered if anyone could help? Thank you, Naomi :)
  8. Naomi295

    Wood Carvers in Switzerland?

    When I went to Switzerland the wood carvers was shut, which was disappointing, however, my DC is going back this week and asked what I would like from there, what kind of things do they do? (In terms of badges) I've seen people with our chalet on it, but I think I'd like a trefoil with my name...
  9. Naomi295

    Snow White or Under The Sea Challenge?

    Hello, I've been looking at making a challenge badge and these were the two themes I came up with the most ideas for. I've got lots of ideas for both for all sections (Rainbows included and Senior Sections included!) but wanted to know which one people would think would be best, and if people...
  10. Naomi295

    SS Permit and Holiday Scheme

    What is the real difference between the two, from a Leaders perspective? I am a Guide Leader and am planning to take my girls away and do my Holiday License (Modules 1-7), if the Senior Section Permit is only some of these modules, doesn't that technically mean I'll have completed the SS...
  11. Naomi295

    Locations for Duck Racing

    Okay, now some people may think I'm quackers ;P But I've been thinking about Raising Funds and awareness of our Guide Unit, and came across this idea and thought it was fantastic! Aside from getting a lottery license, permission, publicisation etc is there anywhere we could actually do a Duck...
  12. Naomi295

    Diamond Jubilee Badges

    Hiya, this is a bit of a strange back-dated request but I was wondering if anybody has any Jubilee badges left (the diamond shaped ones) from May Time? My sister didn't get any at the time and now regrets it, if anybody has any or knows anybody who might, she is looking for about 9, thank you :)
  13. Naomi295

    How to get into Camping?

    Having not been on a Guide camp when I was a Guide I went on my first (and only!) camp with Network Scouts intense weekend which was more glamping than anything because we went for the catered option. I would love to get my Guides camping and for them to be able to do camping badges, permits...
  14. Naomi295

    What should I take on a day trip to Chessington?

    I'm going on my first Guide trip (after having been a Brownie Leader) but I am also going on my own (as the only guider) (agreed with my DC after our other leader dropped out and not wanting to cancel on the girls). We're going to Chessington, and I'm just wondering other than taking a first aid...
  15. Naomi295

    Question? Best Guide Age Games

    Having worked with Rainbows and Brownies since being a Pack Leader I'm just about to start working with Guides, and realised I don't know that many games for Guides, apart from the traditional Ladders, and Tadpole. So my question is what games are popular with your Guides, what do you play, what...
  16. Naomi295

    Wanted! Guider waterproof size 16/18/20

    Hello! If any body has any of these sizes or knows if their shop possibly has one could you let me know please! Thank you! Preferably an 18 but can do a 16 or a 20 at a snug/loose fit, Im not looking to buy a second hand one, I'd like a new one if its possible, thank you -Naomi :)
  17. Naomi295

    Guiding Narrowboat

    I've recently moved here for Uni from Birmingham where we've just had a new narrowboat and I've just been on it at the courtesy of my old Ranger unit. I'm now an assistant Brownie Leader and GIC for Guides, and want to know if LaSEr have a Guiding Narrow Boat or if there are any independent...
  18. Naomi295

    What you need to know about's...

    Hello! I was wondering if you could help me on this When I started my ALQ I read 2 of the books I needed to read: "What you need to know about Safety" (Module 3, part 2a), and "What you need to know about Record-Keeping" (Module 3, Part 3a), Now I've come to refresh my memory to talk through...
  19. Naomi295

    Birmingham County Directory

    Hello! I'm currently stuck on one clause of the ALQ, the bit about the county/division directory, in our division we just email the commissioner and get pointed in the right direction so shall I just say that? Or is there a county directory I don't know about?! Help!!! :confused:
  20. Naomi295

    Can someone explain Guides to me please?

    I'm taking over a Guide unit soon who is loosing their leader, having done Rainbows and Brownies since being a young leader I'm a bit daunted by the prospect but ready for a challenge. I've brought the Guidance notes for Leaders-Guide section (After not being stocked by CHQ, and despising to...