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    basket maker badge

    basket maker badge on ebay ends 20/4/18 currently £1
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    Lone Guides

    If anyone in Scotland has a Guide who can't make meetings, point them in the direction of Lones. You can get the info off the girlguidingscotland website under flexible guiding, or message me (quicker and easier!). We also have Lone Browniess, Rainbow and Senior Sections
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    TOPAZ Russia 2017 challenge

    To help Trefoil Guild encourage Guiding in Russia, we have this challenge. Badges will be available well into 2018. Suitable for all sections.
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    Resource Bear challenge

    floss submitted a new resource: Bear challenge - cross-sectional challenge fun badge Read more about this resource...
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    website security certificate

    My computer is refusing to allow me into Guiders.co.uk as its security certificate has expired - is anyone else getting this?
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    TOPAZ Russia 2017

    I have been selected for TOPAZ adventure to Russia in October 2017. Not sure where we're going, or exactly when we're going, but 8 of us will be going! So now I have to learn some Russian. PS there are 2 different badges - a general TOPAZ badge and a specific Russian doll badge which the 2016...
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    looking for BP adventure

    I have 2 Guides looking for a BP adventure. We are near Edinburgh, so anything in the central belt is do-able. Edinburgh aren't running any in the foreseeable future :-( (and as I ran the last one, I'm not doing this one!) thanks floss
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    Resource Guide record sheet

    floss submitted a new resource: Guide record sheet - record sheet for Guides Read more about this resource...
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    basket weaver and bee keeper badges

    there are currently basket weaver and beekeeper badges on ebay, starting price £4.99
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    Question? Syllabus for staged skier badge?

    I have some staged skier badges, but can't find any syllabuses for them in my Guide badge books of 1995 and 1997 can anyone help and send me a copy of the syllabus for all stages, or tell me where to find them? thanks
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    Information: record sheet

    I have added our unit record sheet to downloads - it keeps track of a Guide through all 4 years of Guides, with GFI, badges, camps, outdoor activities and community activities all there, so you can see easily what they have done. Feel free to use!
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    Information: BP adventure

    We are running a BP adventure 13-15 March cost £65 at Canty Bay, near North Berwick. 16 places, first come first served. PM me if interested and I can send out more info floss
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    Question? idiots guide to Brownies

    I'm a Guide Guider but may have to take over our Lone Brownies. Please can someone tell me, what do I need to get in the way of handbooks/ badgebooks/ Idiots Guide for Brownie Guiders? thanks very much floss
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    looking for dinghy sailor/ boatswain

    I'm looking to buy either the staged dinghy sailor badges or the older boatswain badge. Please pm me if you can help. thanks
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    Scotland Lones trefoil guild

    I am trying to get a Scottish Lones Trefoil Guild set up for those who want to do Voyager award etc but can't make meetings. If anyone is interested, can they let me know so I have more ammunition for SHQ as to why there should be TG Lones? thanks floss
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    bear challenge

    I still have lots of badges, but it seems my download isn't there, so will try to upload it again PS well here it is, but I'm not sure how to get it into downloads - can anyone help please?
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    I'm going to Pax Lodge :D

    So I have to go to London to do a work-related exam (great as I live in Scotland...). I'm staying in a hotel near the exam hall the night before, but I have managed to get a bed at Pax Lodge for a night. I am so excited!!! I'd really like to do the Pax Lodge challenge while I'm there but I'm...
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    camp first aid qualification

    My assistant Guider was going to be first aider at camp. However, the DC says she doesn't have her camp first aid qualification. She has been trying to do the first aid qualification for the past 2 years, but it seemed to have been withdrawn. So I'm not sure what the DC is after given that the...
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    Guide first aid badge

    I have uploaded my Quiz for the Guide First Aid badge (and answers!) to the downloads section. Feel free to use it as a test! There's only one correct answer to each question floss
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    Question? somewhere to eat in York

    2 of us are taking 8 guides to York for a weekend and need to work out where to take them to eat on the Saturday (either lunch or tea). Ideally somewhere relatively cheap! Any ideas welcome :-)