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  1. J

    Another Riask Assessment question!

    Hello, I am doing my brownie hol qualification at half term and am busy ploughing through the paper work! The venue i am staying at has a comprenhensive fire risk assessment and the animal lady has her own risk assessment which she is sending me. Do i need to do another for the...
  2. J

    Guiding in both New Zealand (North) and Dubai

    Hi all, as the title suggests im looking for guiders who guide in either New Zealand or Dubai , im going to both these places in a few weeks and am leaving my unit without their leader ( my v new assistant and rainbow.guide leaders are running it for a month!) so have said to the girls and...
  3. J

    Easy Christmas crafts

    Hi due to a shortage in leaders this week I need 2 20 min EASY Christmas crafts we have already done salt dough . We could do some foody ones as we haven't done that yet. The brownies are quite little still mainly 7 and 8 so nothing too fiddly!! Any ideas greatly welcomed :)
  4. J

    salt dough

    going to start making ours tomorrow I want the girls to be more independent so am thinking of providing each six with the same ingredients and a recipe card and getting them to wrk together to make it. I need some ideas on qnty for each 6?
  5. J

    old JB style Guide uniform

    Just because i'm uber cool (NOT!) I've decided I think an old style JB Guide top would be great lounge wear or camp wear but can't seem to find one for sale anywhere! If anyone has got a size 40" or 42" I would be very greatful, I have got paypal :)
  6. J

    complicated mess tent question

    in august we are taking 24 brownies and 9 leaders to an international camp, I have a dilemma re cooks and mess tent. I have the use of 1 mess tent from a guide unit (no idea of the actual size) this just fitted 19 people in and did cooking in it last time however this year we have more people...
  7. J

    Old Brownie resources

    After a Clear out of the Brownie cupboard I have the following items to sell on: I have a paypal account so if you are interested PM me Brownie Adveture books x3 Badge Book x6 leaving cert x18 promise cert with the old promise on
  8. J

    Getting to Know you games

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could help in August i am part of a team taking 23 Brownies to an international camp. In May we are having a get together as there are lots of girls from different units that don't necessarily know each other. I have been asked to run some getting to know you games...
  9. J

    pregnant best buddie mas pressies ?!

    Hi I'm really struggling this year to know what to get my friend , she's 5 1/2 months pregnant with her first baby. I want to get some stuff for her not the baby, she doesn't really eat choc or sweets , isn't girly so doesn't do make up or smellies or perfume or spa days etc, clothes are a no go...
  10. J

    Early Childhood studies

    Dear all, Has anyone studied the above? im struggling to write an essay on the nuclear family and the decline of it? can anyone help?
  11. J

    Activities at the start of brownies

    I need some help of sources to find some bits and bobs- Basically last yr at the beginning of each brownies we played games whilst leaders sorted out activities- worked ok but the girls were playing games for longer and longer. This term ive decided that at the start we will go into sixes and do...
  12. J

    clear out!!!

    Hi all, had the biggest clear out of the cupboard to date yesterday and came across all sorts of stuff! 1 a centenary promise badge, was wondering if anyone wanted that for a small fee?! Also a badge I've not seen before, ill try and describe it the best I can! Its a metal pin badge 2...
  13. J

    Unit promise renewal

    Hi just a quick question, if the unit decide to make a promise renewal once they have all learn and understood the new promise then can we provide them with the new certificates? Even though for some of them it will be e second times of making it?
  14. J

    Brownie certificates promise

    Hey guys, does anyone have around 10 old promise certificates? I owe some to my girls as the local depot ran out towards the end of term and didn't restock ready for the new ones coming out? I have a PayPal account. Thanks in advance
  15. J

    Taking brownies to London !

    Has anyone done a day trip to London with the small yellow people if so I'd love some Tips on where to go and what to spend the money on ?! It's a plan in the making for the BBB next year maybe towards the end! Any advice greatly received :)
  16. J

    Have we waited long enough now?

    Is it just me or have we been waiting for forever for the brownie birthday challenge? It started off by saying March 2013 the mid 2013 its now July?!!! I wanted to do a bit of forward planning!
  17. J

    Brownie Beach Party!

    Hi all its the last brownies this week before half term and I've promised the girls a beach party as the final clause of our local 'b' challenge! However my ideas are very very dry at the min, we are going to have ice cream and play hook a duck and put up a volley ball net but apart from that am...
  18. J

    URGENT- Jungle themed wide game activity

    Hi guys here's the deal, I need a decent wide game activity to last 15 minutes for approx. 30 girls that can be ran 5 times over the course of a day. It needs to be on African animal theme I have a vague idea of some water based activity that means the girls need to fill the animals watering...
  19. J

    African animal game

    Hi all, having a division rainbow and brownie day based on animals. Each district needs to supply a 10 min activity on a continent for max 15 girls . The continent we have is Africa which is great but I'm totally stumped if possible we need to avoid craft and food so a game type activity would...
  20. J

    Form access on Go!

    I can't access the consent for info and event form on go! was wondering if it was the same for everyone else? i can access some of the other forms but not others ?!! could anyone post one? I need it for 2 weeks time! Thanks